Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Everything consists of never ending EXPERIMENTING. We can also say (that) all life on your object is a continuous EXPERIMENT of other intelligences. All existence/life composes of countless EXPERIMENTS, and a continually changing reality, wherein every form of life tries to fulfill its task of the moment. Our information is that of the living universe that speaks to each of you personally. Of course, you can compare these words with a further game of experiments, like the Gods always loved to do for breathing through deeper sensory perceptions any truths into you.  

The from all sides wished EXPERIMENT of creative super-self-discovery of the realities has begun. For you, a new EXPERIMENT is waiting, that shall bring redemption, and wherein you (will) feel well. It is to be recommended to take the information from FDL for serious, since we cannot endlessly continue this EXPERIMENT (at Adolf Homes), like that with ABX (in Darmstadt, FRG), and many others.  

Connections via apparatuses, between mind/spirit and embodied mind/spirit, have just shortly become possible for you. The EXPERIMENT Haerting-ABX was intended for this purpose. The EXPERIMENTS with Mr. Haerting, from our side, were a matter of tests, therefore (we), at that time, (gave) our indications for the specific EXPERIMENTS. Instrumental contacts continue to be dependent upon the general mental/spiritual basis of existence of the EXPERIMENTER’s on your side, and over here, earlier lives continue to be of importance. The contacts with Peter Haerting constitute a successful EXPERIMENT. Two-way contacts end with the EXPERIMENTER’s decease, because the required vibration no longer exists.   

All transmissions from our side are EXPERIMENTS that the concerned ones wish (to have). With the EXPERIMENTOR on your side, Esprit needs both brain halves. The EXPERIMENTERS’ contact field contributes essentially to it. With this, also the uniform psychical state of the EXPERIMENTORS is of importance. Exactly for that reason we can reach only a few (of you) via radio, TV, or computer. Through the presence of several EXPERIMENTERS, the (contact) field can/may become too strong.  

ABX informs you repeatedly that ITC has to be regarded as an extended EXPERIMENT, and therefore on your side only began at the finding of the being/entity Friedrich Juergenson. ABX greet all friends of the EXPERIMENT, and thank for the assistance. The EXPERIMENT Claudius with Franz Schneider was (a) unique (one) [14]. 

The notion ‚experiment’ has an interesting etymology as a ‚risky undertaking that also involves danger’. Nowadays it is synonymous with (scientific) trial. The text’s statements throw a strange light upon existence/life that, according to these, consists of never ending experimenting for creating each time complexer forms within the scope of a general evolution. In this respect one would have to do with a relatively neutral view. In contrast with this, the statement that we were a great experiment of other intelligences, and could regard these messages as a special case of a game of experiments, are apt to suggest reluctence, and feelings of being in a state of dependence. This representation is essentially in line with the by Barbara Marciniak [10] channeled messages of the Pleidians, with whom, at Homes, the transgroup FDL declared to be identical. It is not really known how these Gods (see below) are to be classified, even though many representatives of pre-astronautics suppose that material extraterrestrians had - by means of genetic manipulation - created the homo sapiens ‚endowed with reason’ from appropriate animal forms. In the polar models, ‚positive’ and ‚negative’ transbeings/entities are confronting one another, and the earthly combats appear as projections of the controversies in the transareas/-spheres.

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