Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Absolutely other beings/entities that are not identical with the human consciousness, exist in other worlds of the cosmogony. A great number of EXTRATERRESTRIANS exist. They live in other realities. There are many EXTRATERRESTRIAN beings/entities that are not identical with mental/spirit beings. These EXTRATERRESTRIANS have relations to the American government. There is radio contact with the earth. The EXTRATERRESTRIANS come from the planet (Tamar) and are more advanced in their entire evolution than the earth man. The ground is their comprehension of themselves. The EXTRATERRESTRIAN’s first contacts with the earth took place in (1944). Meanwhile continuous meetings between the EXTRATERRESTRIANS and the earth men are taking place. These are top secret (Wernher von Braun). NASA does not sleep (2109)

From 1990 onward, humanoid beings, as you call them, will concern themselves about the planet earth. We, the deceased humans, have contacts with them, like we have them with you. The earth man is no more in a position to save his planet lastingly. The EXTRATERRESTRIANS, like ourselves, have utmost interest in maintaining the whole universe in its natural manner. Testimonies that you regard as fables and legends, shall not repeat. For these purposes, the EXTRATERRESTRIANS have to study you. Some of them are staying with you already. All this has a positive sense. Remoteness creates nearness. Replace the word discord by love (W. von Braun). 

Man calls the to him unknown energies EXTRATERRESTRIANS. However, this term represents merely half of the truth. I speak of civilizations no more known to you. This for you invisible world had a high line of evolution on your planet long before Atlantis. Despite of this, its physical destruction had been programmed. Some of them were able to save themselves physically, as well as psychically, and exist on other planets. They possess energies you have not any knowledge of. Furthermore they are no more capable of living on your planet, because they are no more able to adapt themselves. However, those beings I am speaking of, have great interest in exploring your planet again. 

In for you far away galaxies exist beings/entities that are substantially more advanced than you are. They, too, destroyed their basis of life through selfishness and intolerance. Already decades ago, with their spaceships, they discovered your planet through NASA objects. Since their general situation is becoming unbearable, they search other, for them more favourable life forms in order to be able to transform themselves. The Foederation des Lichts (federation of light), Extragalaktische Wesen und Plejadier (extragalactic beings/entities and pleiadians), as well as beings/entities from again other galaxies, are in connection with them in order to avoid one or more taking-overs of other planets, and to thus also avoid eventual dangers. Unfortunately, further indications on this subject are not possible at this moment.  

Some of you have been abducted by us (FDL), others pretend having been victims of abductions. They are not to blame, because the probability of being abducted exists. These men are selected by us as physically normal ones. With abductions there is no danger for body and mind/spirit. A pertinent explanation from our side does not suit with your logic. Wearisome. You need substantially more DNA for this.  

This topic did not belong to Adolf Homes’ current repertoire. The more surprising were the earlier messages (received) under the name Wernher von Braun, and the later messages from transpartners that called themselves Extraterrestrians. Also, and particularly in respect of the (in the original so printed by the computer) ‚Abduktionen’ (abductions), their ‚content of truths’ remains open. The term ‚extragalactic’ used by the FDL group, that literally means ‚outside of the galaxy’, is unclear. To the extraterrestrians can be attributed three strange/noteworthy messages under the names ‚commander of an object’, ‚unknown being/entity from HDE 226868’, and ‚Telemach 74003177’, that manifested during the second half of the year 1992. Absolutely confusing are the contradictory characterizations and messages of ‚Jahwe’, dealt with in detail in the book „Transcommunication“ [15]; (see also the article „Zur Zeitlosigkeit der Goetter“ (On the timelessness of the Gods), in this periodical, vol. VI, no. 1, p. 49). Of interest is the statement that repeatedly arrived in Rivenich in similar forms and said that further indications were not possible, and the human logic was not sufficient to permit the understanding of certain connections/coherences. The sentence „NASA weiss Bescheid“ (NASA knows) is a Delphic answer to the question Dr. Vladimir Delavre had – via the experimenter Adolf Homes - addressed to group 2109: „Woher kommen die UFOs?“ (Where do the UFOs come from?).

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