Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Have no FEAR. Being sentient of the eternal existence is not found in FEAR, but in the certainty and realization of the Great Spirit that on Terra has several names. In the material world FEAR accompanies you (pl.). But what a pity is it that you have forgotten how groundless it is. In the end, everything is psychical, the absolute liberation of FEAR is learnable. FEAR is due to the multidimensional general frame of mind of mankind. Please, become free of FEAR. Only through your body FEAR and destruction are known to you. Have no FEAR of death, for there is no death. Since man has FEAR of the physical death because of his being a human, he does not become aware of the ongoing dying (of body cells). It is particularly those men with a rigid attitude who have great FEAR of the physical death. Also the one who has panic FEAR of death has long before, in an other dimension, decided for his physical death. 

The FEAR of yourselves creates all ever imaginable possibilities. From this, the dramas of the consciousnesses spring up. You are not in a position of living your being/existence without FEAR, because the one must have FEAR of the other. The cradle of the bad is FEAR. The FEAR of the evil is only a mass projection, over here like with you. The being/entity creates its religion. It mainly buds off from FEAR of the uncertainty, and from ignorance. The FEAR of death creates for the human every kind of God. Religious conceptions, in the main, are superrelativistic mass projections, born from the FEAR of the vanishing. In other systems these errors do not occur, since there is nothing physical. A creator is the product of FEAR. Solely the FEAR of the uncertain creates every kind of Gods. 

Please accustom yourselves to an absolutely timeless, dream-like state. The FEAR thus reduces, for without FEAR you are more disposed to coordinate. Please, do not believe you would become always wiser. Precondition for becoming wise is the realization that the FEAR of an absolute end means a psychological end as well. Release yourselves from the shackles of rigidity (so) that the vicious circle of fears, of doubt, and of confusion becomes smaller.  

Fear is the central notion of the philosophy of existence, and a basic mental state of the human. In the texts, a great number of human conceptions and activities God, Gods, creator, religion, the evil are described as a consequence of fear of the menace, and the end of the physical existence. The narrowness of the in the proper sense illusionary limitations can be overcome through the learnable liberation from the fear of death that is chosen by oneself.

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