Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The entire universe resembles a vibration FIELD. These vibrations, be they negative or positive, form the whole universe. It yet is too early for messages on morphogenetic FIELDs to you. 

We perceive (the) aura FIELD of 11.11.1935 (*Adolf Homes) through light quanta. The mediumistic contacts with you are a psychic adaptation of the information FIELDs. (Our) electromagnetic FIELDs are a for you (pl.) (a) not existing and unknown area/range of radiation energies. They are not subject to absorption. We must adapt our electrostatic FIELDs. Understand: space and time have to be vaulted dynamic of reciprocal effect(s) psi FIELD. Our magnetic FIELD is activated, we perceive your vibration in your flat. Lightening-like FIELD concentration seeks matching receiver Mose (Adolf Homes).  

Countless mind-pictures on your, as well as on our side consist of misroutings that come to pass in the information FIELD. The general feeling of humanity develops in such a way that the FIELD of misroutings in information is becoming stronger. We all should not hold the opinion of knowing a lot, for everything contains open FIELD structures that resistlessly change in all directions. Except for a few telephone contacts, for us not surveyable patterns in open FIELDs prevent the instrumental paranormal messages. Because of increasing negative energy FIELDs created by men, it is getting more and more difficult from your side to contact other subtle-matter forms of existence. Because of still existing vibrational differences among you (as) friends, it would, from our viewpoint, be too early still to create a stable FIELD, and to also maintain it. In the tension FIELD of facets of positive activities probably resides the brilliance form God, or something omnipotent. 

In physics, the importance of the field concept has been constantly growing since introduced by Michael Faraday in the 19th century. Those areas in space where electromagnetic and gravitational effects could be observed were regarded as force fields. The field concept underwent a first change when extended to abstract probabilities in atom physics, and a second one when the parapsychologists began to speak of mind-fields. These are related to the information fields (if not even identical with these) mentioned in the transtexts, and are not bound to an (in our sense) energetic dissemination in space with an on distance dependent intensity.

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