Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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In order to be able to enter your (sing.+pl.) time structure, on our side a receiver is required, as well as for you unimaginable speed changes of different FREQUENCIES. Our FREQUENCY is so short that you cannot perceive it. It has nothing to do with your electromagnetic waves. These light spectra, these FREQUENCIES are bundled/concentrated, and sent to you in a dispassage point, and, with you, they then appear as acoustic signals, or possibly also as optical signals. Our electrostatic FREQUENCIES find in Rivenich the electromagnetic waves and transform them. 

For you (pl.) it is not possible to seize upon, or to experience all existing structures and past experiences of the soul at a time. The reason for this are specific FREQUENCIES that cannot be perceived by you due to your present being/existence. The FREQUENCY required for instrumental contacts merely partly can be brought forth by you in a/one human life. Only a few of you find via the appliances the for us correct vibration FREQUENCY that can connect the different structures with one another. The doubt in them/you prevents the experiment of contact with us. The necessary conformity of FREQUENCIES does not come off. Your (successful) contact experiments in the year 1988 were possible in Rivenich only because, medi(umistic)ally, is to say unconsciously, you offered us five FREQUENCY mixtures, and by this a leap into an other dimension came about. The psychic FREQUENCIES on your side harmonize with ours. I feel the FREQUENCY of your scientists. In case of a possible contact from our side, we adjust the FREQUENCY and give you corresponding indications. I am exactly on the FREQUENCY of Adolf Homes. (The) FREQUENCY of station Rivenich is overexerted. Not earlier than when all for these instrumental messages required psychic FREQUENCIES coincide, it will be possible to coordinate further bridges via your appliances. Majo FREQUENCY. End of FREQUENCY.  

While the unusual employment of the term energy by the transbeings/-entities is yet fairly comprehensible (see above), frequency (and vibration, see below) diverge completely from our common conceptions. Neither the general meaning ‚frequency of events’, nor the physical-technical definition‚ number of vibrations within a fixed time’ applies to ‚psychic frequencies’ that are unknown to us. ‚Static frequencies’ are dealt with under electromagnetics; ‚speed changes of frequencies’ are as nonsensical as are ‚short frequencies’, (except if one refers ‚short’ to the duration of a vibration); ‚light spectra’ are no frequencies, in our system they, at the most, could be characterized through frequencies. According to the information received on ‚light’, it is by no means our visible light that is meant here, but information. Meaningful appears ‚frequency’ as a characteristic for the speed of (re)action of mental structures, and ‚conformity of FREQUENCIES’ as an ‚identity of structures’: ‚I – Majo frequency – am on the frequency of Adolf Homes’. – ‚Dipassage point’ is to be read as ‚pervious point between the dimensions’.

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