Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The myth doesn’t mean any danger, but the playing of the thoughts memorizes and forms the real occurrences of the FUTURE. Your FUTURE is formable. It is not that of your (pl.) children and their descendants, but every FUTURE is your own. A by no means easy FUTURE is waiting for the human, because the system is incorrect and self-centered. You all are reproductions of themselves continuously repeating mind/spiritual patterns that want to destroy themselves. Famines of enourmous magnitude will come down on you, and the individual will plant on the smallest hillock in order to survive. The end is unavoidable. Be it your will. Not any stone will stay on the other. You, who know a lot, will have to build a unity so as to save the bare necessities. 

Open probabilities, the past, (the) presence, and (the) FUTURE are done away with in the moment (of a transcontact). I am the connecting link between your (sing.) present consciousness and your future one, although I tell you that (for me) past, presence, and FUTURE do not exist. The FDL comes from your (pl.) FUTURE and (your) past for helping you in your presence. After your physical death you will be absolutely free, and past and FUTURE are (will be) transparent. Past, presence, and FUTURE (will) unite in a logical way. 

Yet many processes will take place for you, before, within your present time frame, it will be possible to notice a general contentedness, physically as well as psychically. Events will take place that (will) produce new thought patterns. These are only thoughts of us.  

For prophets of misfortune it is always easy: if their (at the best probable) forecasts do not come true, they will declare that mankind, just in the last moment, has mended its ways, prayed or meditated. One can ascribe the again and again blazing up credulity only to the poor memory of the majority of men, or to their fears. Probabilities also here, not more and not less. – More important appears to be the statement: ‚With these contacts we move backwards in your TIME. For contacting us, you might spiritually (mentally) be moving into the future.’ In other words: Our transpartners’ messages come from our future. It includes the life after death. In this sense, the deceased exist simultaneously with us, as well as also in ‚our’ future. ‚Who lives will see.’  

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