Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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God – Devil

Many of you (pl.) lead a life that for you is worth of evolution. This has nothing to do with any belief in any GOD. Man is not in a position to comprehend GOD as the entirety. The essence of the soul, as well as GOD’s omnipotence, are beyond all ways and means of expression. The GOD of reality is not describable, neither with our words, nor with yours. All the existing wisdoms, as well as the unimaginable ones, lie in the PRIMORDIAL GOD’s information. The human psyche is no more aware of this (vast) scope. Also for us a GOD is not visible, as you understand it. We are anxious to see in everything GOD as the entirety. In love, humility for truthfulness, we approach his grandeur/sublimity and unimaginability. GOD is great. The GOD in whom I believed as a human, although I did not understand him, is much more portentous (Einstein). In the facets’ tension field of positive acting/effecting probably lies the brightness form GOD, or something omnipotent. In the probable greatness of GOD lies twofold useful information: Mathew 22, verses 37-40. 

Your (sing.) conception of GOD is comprehensible because of your basic presuppositions in respect of (the) understanding of the system. The conception GOD is an energy in form of special crystals. Your (sing. + pl.) notion of GOD is an information. Your (pl.) conception of GOD is a by you projected idea. The fear of death creates for man every kind of GOD. A conception of GOD is purposeful as long as the fruits are positive. Otherwise every religion is senseless. GOD consists of inconceivable cosmic values, and neither heaven nor hell have anything to do with him. GOD is intelligence/spirit that penetrates everything. GOD is in everything. In everything is GOD. What you believe has nothing to do with this. GOD is love, and love is GOD. GOD is man, and man is also GOD. The one creates the other one. Every individual becomes as old as GOD. Is no more far the time when man will identify himself with a GOD whom he himself created, although both will exist eternally. You are in a position to create a lot, why no GOD. Contact GOD, so he will answer. 

Your notions positive and negative, DEVIL and GOD, are merely symbols and, in the end, have cosmic values. GOD and DEVIL, light and darkness , top and bottom, right and left are meaningless for our consciousness of perception. Without GOD also the DEVIL is not possible, (it is) like a tree that composes of a crown and a root. Without the one, there is no other one. So, through your energies you create your GOD and DEVIL. The conception of GOD is hardly possible for you without (the) DEVIL. The DEVIL, who does not exist, has only as much power as you grant to him. Those who procreate the DEVIL, nourish him in order to suppress the good.  

In other times there were men who, because of their consciousness, believed to have contact with their GOD. They were wise, but they lived in the illusion, because their GOD planned vengeance. Therefore the information (of the Old Testament) from Mose up to Maleachi contains a falsified situation of the true conception of GOD. The GOD of the Old Testament could be a cruel, ruthless GOD. (Also) many of us have a cruel GOD, because they do not want to discern the light.  

GOD changes with the consciousness and (the) character of men. In my time, when archbishop of Canterbury, GOD had an other function than today. The tormented (ones) believed in him, so as to remain capable of living; the mighty (ones) made use of him in order to become still mightier. GOD is in all being/existence. Christ was the first to bring an other emotional idea into the new world through the father-son relation. For love it is unimportant if Christ is GOD’s son, or not.  

GOD is in everything, and by aspiring after positive directions, you approach GOD. With this, every positive direction has its validity. GOD is love, all that one does out of love, by this (by doing so) one is serving GOD, as it were, without that it becomes an identity, a(n) being(entity), plainly the principium of All-that-is. GOD is the principle itself, the (ultimate) cause in everything that exists. Your respect for the grandeur of the PRIMORDIAL GOD, who involves everything, is wanted. Many are nearer to the PRIMORDIAL GOD than others (are). In the deep feeling for your fellow man, and for nature, you all realize the way to the light, to GOD. Through the expansion of consciousness in love and fellow-feeling, you are, though shortly only, one with GOD. Pray and hope that the PRIMORDIAL GOD will not grow angry, for messengers bring him all information. The last perception is the realization, and the love to be near to GOD. For finding him, the searching for him is necessary. Now and then, your heart and your being/existence is swept with the power of GOD, and for fractions of time you are in a position to be one with him. And I, in my turn, sing GOD alone. Have confidence in our GOD’s love (Paramahamsa Yogananda). 

Here, too, we have a great number of statements with which something indescribable is to be paraphrased, or ‚catched’ in words. Diverse perspectives show diverse facets. A peculiarity is the form ‚Primordial God’, perhaps to distinguish him, as the (very) bedrock of being/existence, from the by the humans projected polar ideas of God and Devil. Mathew 22 contains the demand ‚to love the Lord, and one’s next like oneself’.

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