Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Gods – Spirits

The information of the primordial godly has become strange to you. The plan of the primordial creation has been manipulated by pseudo GODS. Variance in a great distance from the primordial Godly always brings chaos, even if meant ever so well. Discord, and the desire to assert oneself are successes of the SECONDARY GODS. Of course, you (pl.) may compare these words with another game with experiments, like the GODS always loved to do for infusing you, through deeper sensory perceptions, with any truths whatever.  

Because of your mental nimbleness, SECONDARY GODS arrive on the scene for manipulating you. It is time to establish order, otherwise your technique will become fatal to you. Since millions of years the SECONDARY GODS have been regarding it as a great success when they falsify, or split an information of the primordial creation that is decisive for all life in the worlds. Many representatives of the SECONDARY GODS are working among you as individuals, or in groups. Be cautions with nice-sounding names and promises, because a man in search lets easily convince himself of sheer impossibilities. Your biotechnology is a work of the SECONDARY GODS in order to incite further fears. The cloning would lead to a senseless increase of matter.  

Many beings/entities in the worlds provide themselves with low GODS and (low) spirits, because they hold the primordial GOD to be too far away from them. They no more distinguish between the light and the darkness. You all worship many GODS, in fact you mean the primordial GOD. Gifted individuals create all GODS, and these have the right to exist as long as they serve and do not dominate, for nothing is in a position to judge on others. Since nothing evanesces, all GODS and saints live in the universe, within you and among you, and you partly are reproductions of them. Highly complicated for many of you. 

We know your problems. These will not become less through by you produced pseudo beings/entities. Artists in knowledge on your side call pseudo beings/entities into being, cloned spirits that are given names by you. It is true, in TC strong pseudo structures are at work, but by and by these will vanish into thin air again, because the followers/supporters already have their doubts. We regret (the) receiving stations with you where pseudo beings/entities play foolish games. They are capable of thinking, so they are off their heads.

Through transformation the universes shall remember the GODLY (God) and its origin. This will happen. Those among you who are warmed by the godly light, will recognize the true information so as to feel (being) part of the creation and to neither judge of this, nor to fear it, but to see unvarnishedly the GODLY (God) wherein it (the creation) evolves. Nobody shall apprehend a condemnation, but shall simply feel within himself the primoridal GOD as (all-round) perfection. The love for the GODLY (God) and its union with everything that exists, unites us all.  

The underlying idea corresponds with an old tradition according to which the unfaithful (‚fallen’) mental/spiritual beings/entities – here called ‚pseudo’ or ‚secondary’ Gods – rebelled against the original plan of creation, and by this caused the formation of the polar material world. By the human, through the concentration of thought, produced ‚pseudo beings/entities’ are related to the ‚elementals’, and the Tibetan ‚Tulpas’, they can adopt any wanted appearance and, by order of their ‚master’, can act partly autonomously.

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