Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Good – Bad

The mind/spirit in (a) solid body drew away from mind/spirit. So the conceptions GOOD and BAD came in. The soul has not any conception of GOOD and BAD. GOOD and BAD are not definitely fixed. Who decides what is GOOD and BAD? Solely the system of the respective (social) order/regime. In other mental/spiritual systems the negative rules as (an) order. GOOD and BAD can be compared with helpful (viren) and killer viren. Both model unconscionably the unavoidable process. There is no directing/managing. It directs/manages. Everything is in a process, and in search of the GOOD and true/genuine. Sometimes there is just a little difference between GOOD and BAD. Both conceptions form a unit. For me, GOOD and BAD exist no more. 

The cradle of the BAD is fear, and the fear of the BAD is merely a mass projection, over here like with you (pl.). The Christianity called into life is a warped form of the basic truths, because it links the GOOD with the BAD, without the one, the other (thereafter) cannot be. The belief in the GOOD without the belief in the BAD appears unrealistic to you according to your system. The emotional conception ‚BAD’ can become so strong in you that you pass through many incarnations in vain. Who knows the BAD, also perceives it. Those who bring the devil forth, nourish him in order to suppress the GOOD. Like the GOOD is produced by you, you punish yourselves through the by you contrived acts. The GOOD mind/spirit offsets the BAD. The GOOD is stronger than the serpent’s poison.  

The discord among men with regard to the GOOD prevents in your time the building up of instrumental contact. Part with the conceptions GOOD and BAD, because they arise from the human consciousness. Direct your view always to the GOOD. The GOOD sense and (GOOD) will always come from a GOOD heart, and tolerates no egotism. Let the GOOD flourish, so that you can be content with the harvest. Concentrate on your deep consciousness, and on what you deem to be positive and GOOD, even though we regard your logic as a hallucination. – The conclusion that the world was fairly endurable, life not bad, man basically GOOD, took me a lot of courage.  

Like many other conceptions, ‚good’ and ‚bad’ were strongly relativized in the Rivenich contacts, what becomes apparent in the transbeings’/-entities’ attitude towards guilt (see under ‚guilt’). A wrong valuation is ascribed to the historical christianity, because it ties the dualistic-polar conceptions (similar to God and Devil) so tightly together that man is unable to imagine the ‚good’ as such. The realization of ITC is hampered by ‚discord’ in this respect, and by ‚egotism’.

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