Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The word GUILT is unknown to us. So, for us, also the notion feeling of GUILT, or question of GUILT does not exist for us. Every being/entity is capable of doing anything, it just depends on the respective situation it may/can get into. In this sense the earthly human is GUILTless, for he has the possibility of discerning. Seeking a GUILT, from my point of view, is highly vain. Discernment replaces the notion expiation. Who repents, is forgiven. Do not suffer from the feeling of GUILT if/when there is no guilt. This feeling of GUILT emanates from earlier lives and may/can be a burden for the individual for a long time.

Every GUILT that you (pl.) saddle yourselves with and by means of which you immolate your own offsprings to the Moloch war, over here is only laid to your charge as a prolongation of the agonies (of mind) that are waiting for you. Do not let your GUILTless children suffer, because by a child’s smile a universe springs up. High winds will come, and many of you will hear voices, say 2109. Those who hears these voices, shall not worry, because these are the voices of the GUILTless who have forgiven you.

In particular the Christian church has caused a great lot of mischief with the conception of ‚guilt’. (In the Homes texts the notion ‚sin’ does not occur!) Despite of the peculiarly substantiated declining of the principle of ‚guilt’ and ‚feeling of guilt’, there is the threatening (by a differently named source) of a prolongation of the agonies. Adolf Homes having deeply sympathized with the children, of whom, day by day, 40 000 die, one easily may attribute this statement essentially to his unconsciously introduced conviction of Christian orientation.

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