Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Heaven – Hell

Please do not figure we would exist aloft, if you like, in HEAVEN. Devil and God, expiation and eternal PURGATORY are merely symbols, and in the end have no cosmic values. The humans are not able to understand this. Neither HEAVEN, nor HELL, have anything to do with God. Everything that altogether exists appears to be in subjectivity. Therefore, also the issue of HEAVEN and HELL will be of no avail.  

The wars and violent controversies that you (pl.) bring to pass on your planet, and under which mainly your innocent children suffer, will not spare you (a) part of what you call the PURGATORY, but on the contrary: for every guilt that you saddle yourselves with, and by which you immolate your own bodies’ fruit, a prolongation of the pains that will expect you will be charged to you over here. Believe us, there is the HELL (in the Beyond). The HELL exists only with you, believe me, it is produced by man. The more as you, through your criminal acts and your carelessness, call yourselves the HELL into life on earth already, the less it will, some day, be left off over here. So, reflect thoroughly, and be aware that everything is watched and weighed by us. Beings that seriously aspire after HEAVEN will find similar patterns of deportment in the non-spacetime . 

The universal validity of the by religion pre-formed notions heaven, hell, purgatory, is called in question – notwithstanding there exists a self-created ‚hell’ not only in this world, but also in the Beyond. The corresponding states of consciousness can become reality on the basis of expectations, but they also appear as a consequence of great wrong that man has made himself guilty of during his lifetime. This statement is contrary to the assertion there were no guilt (point of view from the Beyond), man were guiltless.

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