Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Human - Humanity 

The secret of your (pl.) HUMAN being/existence is still wrapped in obscurity for you, although some of you are trying to find a clue to this secret. It will remain piece-work. We, as well as you HUMANS, are in a position to discern your true I sufficiently clear at all times. Every being/entity in the multidimensional sphere – and the earthly HUMAN also appertains to them – constantly has to go through struggles that not necessarily have to do with victory or defeat. In all your times there were HUMANS endowed with godlike powers. These geniuses differ from the other Humans solely by (the fact) that they direct their view more to the inner than to the outward. 

The HUMAN and all beings/entities in all universes are liable to the same order. The HUMAN advocates with what he identifies himself. He always possesses what he is prepared to lose at any time. Is no more far the time when the HUMAN will identify himself with a God created by himself, although both will exist for ever. The HUMAN has the same fate as the animal. Both breathe the same air. Both go the same way. None (of them) has an advantage. Both consist of dust, and they will become it again. The last respiration of both goes into the same direction. The only difference is that the HUMAN can exploit the animal, and (but) not vice versa. But God will free them both from the frights of death. Animal and HUMAN, death cannot detain you. 

The HUMAN acts consciously mostly with his surroundings and daily occurrences. The every-day concerns about the world-affairs, as well as private problems, most times veil the true sense of your present being/existence. The HUMAN in different (stages of) developments and fields/domains concentrates only on passing things and disregards completely his for him destined task. The HUMAN who becomes able to learn to live out of his inner I is in a position to project powers outwards, that then are clearly perceived by others. They may/can become signposts for you. There are many among you.  

The aggregate feeling of HUMANITY develops in a manner that the field of misroutings in information is becoming stronger. The (poor) intensity of the positiveness of all HUMANS on the earth urgently needs positive mental/spiritual leaders and information. Our attempts/experiments are necessary because HUMANITY is in a by itself produced - for us negative - phase of being/living, and (because) we cannot  influence the consciousness (directly). The psychology of HUMANITY is landing in the irrational, and the principles of the monocular research are incorrect. They lack the parallax of the order of magnitude, and multifariousness. One should no longer regard the individual and the facts solely with your logic, because this logic is subject to discretional fundamentals that are not beneficial for the HUMAN, and (not) for the universe.    

In this reality exists the risk/danger of self-destruction. The physical end is no more far, for the earthly HUMAN has lost his dignity and forgotten his task, because you live in a world to the bringing forth of which you have contributed in large part. Due to a for you devastating atomic schizophrenia you declare combat on nature, and thus also on yourselves, (a combat) that nobody will win. Attend to the devil CFC, you are forging a sword with what you make away with yourselves. The earthly HUMAN is no longer in a position to save his planet lastingly. It is not we who are destroying your world, but it is you yourselves. Thomas compares the earthly HUMAN with a 14 years old boy who kills his parents and subsequently reproaches his judge with being an orphan now. Should you not extinguish your HUMAN being/existence autocratically, so be said to you that an automatic, natural fading out of your reality is planned. Explain to the HUMAN (that) in case he will destruct his line of evolution, this will come to life again in other systems, since in the so-called Akasha energies nothing gets lost, for their time is everlasting. The recovery of your HUMAN being/existence will come for many, since many have only gone astray and continue to be searching ones. Yet before you will have destroyed yourselves physically, the time will come when you and many other HUMANS with good willingness will bring (spiritual) welfare to the rest of the earthly HUMANS, because no good action gets lost.  

Many of you are still skeptical of our communications, on the other side, in the moment of their being HUMAN, they are not, or merely imperfectly in a position to decipher the objective truths. You (sing.+pl.) are right with your decision of being chary in handling the(ir) publication, since there are still too many HUMANS who smile at you. Everything is brought forth by everything. To this belongs the antagonism in the HUMAN domain. Communications from our side, via telephone or fax, unfortunately do not suffice for making plain to HUMANITY that our reality is one of many (realities). Many HUMANS possess further cognition, but they do not yet sit in the right places for being able to change your reality. We cannot reach those responsible for the HUMAN (way of) being. 

All what we communicate to you about direct contacts is (has been) known to the HUMAN since the beginning of his being/existence. The HUMAN’s situation needs a lot of new information on other higher multidimensional realities. The fundamental information bases upon the entire knowledge of the HUMANITY that ever has lived. It is HUMANITY’s task to treat all beings/entities in a responsible manner. The comprehension of having to learn to use, and to master, not only the energy of your nature, but also one’s own personal power of mind, continues to be the precept of the HUMAN being/existence. (The) HUMAN psyche plus partial consciousness produce psychical/soul changes. No HUMAN equals God. Many HUMANS ignore the (cosmic) reality. The HUMAN brain is liable to Utopian principles. The HUMAN will soon lose the pleasure in himself, because he attempts to take God’s place. The majority of the HUMANS have a disposition for spiritual abilities. The every-day constraint in your system eclipses these dispositions. HUMANS who, with their open consciousness, seek for existing dimensions, will find them. The HUMAN will learn that he is for ever connected with his loved ones, with the whole universe, and with his creator. You should also grasp that the HUMAN does not have to die. All the with you emerging/manifesting maladies/diseases originate in the HUMAN psyche.  

Be always conscious that the HUMAN who believes to be the sole one having ‚leased’ all right, is far off the true right. This state may hold throughout a whole life, and some close their eyes without ever having them opened fully. Many HUMANS let themselves be fascinated by their surroundings and emotion, so that they fail to see the sense of their life. A HUMAN’s surroundings may/can express more or less intensely in his entire personality, because all aspects are first referred to your physical world. Only by heading for one another, as well as (by practising) the necessary circumspection in respect of the fellow HUMAN and his deficiencies, enable to understand the creator, whose love is immeasurable. But treat these HUMANS cautiously, because every criticism of the other being did not spare anyone his own performance. Your textbook (the Bible) has not been written for (those) HUMANS having lived long before your time. It would be fruitless for you to say ‚I will make everything better in following lives’. 

With his belief, MAN is not able to move a lot. Only the recognition of probabilities enables the psyche to thrust forward to other reality systems. Become sympathizing beings and never lose yourselves in existing fast aground dogmas. By this way you (will) become HUMANS who point the way, and you provide telepathically for a positive conduct of your fellow HUMANS.The HUMAN alone produces HUMAN work. Regrettably, he normally deems real solely what he takes advantage of. The information (of the Bible) says: ’For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul ?’ No HUMAN, spirit, or God can bring you understanding, if you do not wish it consciously. What does it help to tell the HUMANS the plain truth, who can compel them to take it in ? However, the HUMAN has the competency to alter, to vary his life, and to change the position of the fingers of his life-clock. Every HUMAN is in a position to achieve the flexible psychic attitude. The education of the HUMAN being in the mental/spiritual cosmic sense continues to be the task of all of us. Please, train yourselves in a deep feeling for your fellow HUMANS and nature. In this speciality you (will) all discern the way to the light, to God.  

The human is often said to be ‚the being dowered with reason’, at what one may justly doubt. Marking off and exclusion of the human from the cosmic whole were, not least of all, a consequence of the Christian religion, that, altough with the claim that man were God’s image (the inverse inference is equally valid !), as for the rest, a stringent separation was held between the mental/spiritual domain and the in man inherent nature-bound qualities. The prefatory sentence: „The secret of your human being/existence is still wrapped in obscurity for you“ is fully justified, also when considering the transinformation received. „The only difference (between man and animal) is that the human can exploit the animal, and not vice versa“, is of great actuality, now as before. In view of a possible catastrophe, Adolf Homes’ transpartners give reasons for their communicative interferences, reasons that are in accord with many other mediumistic communications. Conspicuous is the statement that also in case a general destruction of life on earth should not occur, a slow fade-out of our reality is planned within the context of an approaching, or already ongoing, metamorphosis. The statement „some close their eyes without ever having them opened fully“ belongs to the category of humorous formulations.

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