Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Identification – Identity

All life symbolizes the mind/spirit with which it identifies itself and (which it) engages in. Esprit identifies itself with all consciousness. Man supports what he identifies himself with. Is no more far the time when man will identify himself with a god. Your (sing.+pl.) soul’s voice is the IDENTIFICATION of your true I. Identification with us via lawfulness of nature, research, realization, patience, humility, and love. It is wished that the IDENTIFICATION of beings/entities be avoided. The Rivenich bridge has been built up on the principles of nature, because the soul forms are identical.  

I begin with details for IDENTIFICATION (Bender). 9 years of agony are my IDENTIFICATION (Leuschner). Here is Doc Mueller via ident Mark 4. Here 2109: IDENTIFICATION (with the group at Ken Webster in England) exists. IDENTIFICATION of 2109 consists of innumerable timeless and spaceless mental/spiritual structures of psychical growing of the kind/nature. FDL identify themselves as extragalactic beings/entities ident Pleijadians. 

Our solicitation to you is to identify yourselves with your planet, and with all life that exists on it, for everything with you consists of the same elementary particles. Silicium, neuron, and consciousness are for us identical in a more extensive sense. In a few years, your science will be able to prove our IDENTITY by for you cogent reasons. 

The statements to these notions are equally suitable for calling assent and contradiction forth. ‚Man will identify himself with God’ is not so digressive as it appears to be at a first glance. The usual separation of God and man tears something apart that with an integral way of viewing is inseparable; and even Catholic theologian Père François Brune wrote a book entitled ‚in order that man becomes God’ [2]. 

A repeating problem with the contacts with the Beyond constitutes the identification of the transpartner(s). The examples alluded to: Bender (13 details that could be confirmed with his biography); Leuschner (duration of his time of suffering under the Nazis); Mueller (among other things: mentioning of Mark 4 installation, with which it had been worked with in the USA many years before), stand by way of example for the manifold endeavours of the deceased to ‚identify’ themselves as in former times living persons. To do so, frequently insignificant details are used that feature great cogency for the receiver. The self-characterizations of transbeings/-entities or transgroups, like f.i., 2109 or FDL, are, however, beyond our possibilities of verification, and we continue to stay in the sphere of belief. As regards the ‚warning’ that the IDENTIFICATION of beings/entities should be avoided, it does not become clear from the context how it is to be understood. It may refer to the deceased who, in a narrower sense, are no longer the former inhabitants of the earth, but present themselves in a way that enables us to come to recognize to whom/where they belong. But the statement may also apply to the, in reality, unknown structures of which we better should not create any defined conceptions, because, due to their complexity, they are inaccessible to us and remain ungraspable for us.

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