Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Time and constancy are ILLUSIONARY in many worlds. All forms represent ILLUSIONS, because they change. ILLUSION therefore is everything that evanesces. The composition of information is the epitome of ILLUSION. Body and mind/spirit are ILLUSIONARY. Space and time are ILLUSIONS. The ILLUSION of your time is a being in the grip of further ILLUSIONS. You live in the span of an ILLUSION that we call time. Just proceed from the fact that your (pl.) human life is very short (when) measured in our time. One could compare it with an ILLUSION. The limits of consciousness on your side are ILLUSIONARY. Your thoughts, that are all stored in the carmic domain, are ILLUSION as long as they are not transformed into reality. But even this by you produced reality, in the end, is ILLUSION. Love the moment of your time, for it is no ILLUSION, since your time catches up all times.  

Everything is illusion, a ‚playing of the senses’, in Indian ‚Maya’, ‚delusion’ – the veil that does not permit men the genuine realization of the world. Dream is similar, or synonymous. Transvoices, again and again, call: ‚ Wake up, you down there’, and C.G. Jung was of the opinion that, for wakening, it were necessary to descry that also the being/existence after death is a dream [3].The Latin ‚il-ludere’ involves the negative accompanying sound of ‚to play one’s game, to mock at, to delude’, and reminds of the gods’ ‚game of experiments’ – a possible view of the being/existence, that to us appears to be real, but that at bottom is ‚virtual’. – To ‚karma’ Harald 2 [18]: ‚The idea of karma (in connection with successive incarnations) ignores the non-existence of the linear time in the absolute sense.  ..But karma, if at all, could be described as a contact of (timely parallel) spectra of identity, ... karma is no coercive structure, but a magnitude changeable at choice.’.

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