Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Solely mind/spirit is IMMORTAL. The godly evolution cannot die, it is definitive and absolute. In the IMMORTALITY of God and the human lie spiritual veracities. As regards the IMMORTAL soul, we tell you (sing.+pl.) that it is in the whole universe and can be everywhere simultaneously. Solely the IMMORTAL soul in the entire existence of the superuniverse is in a position to create IMMORTAL realities. The human’s IMMORTALITY is sealed by Jahwe’s oath: our love and grace/mercy consists in the IMMORTALITY of all life, because we do not separate from what we (have) created. – We again and again indicate to you (pl.) the reality of IMMORTALITY. After your physical death you are IMMORTAL. – An innovatory field, such as the research in the IMMORTAL human, resp. being/entity, will be able to make its way. Majo tells you: Abel flies along, and it is over, and nevertheless Abel exists always.  

One can hope that the results of the young, scientifically oriented thanatology, the theory of death and of euthanasia, will find general acceptance in not too remote days, since the Christian teaching of the immortality of the soul has lost its power of conviction to a considerable degree. Has also fallen victim to the general indifference towards statements of the Vatican, and the taboo of death, the Pope’s harangue wherein he analogously declared  that life continues immediately subsequent to death.   

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