Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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In Memoriam Adolf Homes  1935 – 1997

With the aim to facilitate to those readers who receive this paper/publication as a separate print/edition, be here mentioned several essential data of the experimenter’s life. 

Adolf H. was born in 1935, his mother Elise Karoline died at his birth. His father lost his life in the chaotic troubles of the second world war. Adolf spent the major part of his youth in Protestant orphan asylums, followed different professions and, after his marriage, pursued the profession of a furniture restorer. Together with his wife Rosi and their two children, he lived in a detached house at the periphery of the village Rivenich, where he expired early in October 1997 after a prolonged illness. 

His interest in contacts with the Beyond via technical means was evoked by the RTL broadcast serial ‚Unglaubliche Geschichten’ (unbelievable stories) presented by Rainer Holbe. The there presented voice recordings appeared to Adolf to be a means for getting in contact with his mother. Beginning in 1988, he experimented together with like-minded Friedrich Malkhoff and, after many fruitless efforts, was able to verify the first voices in these tape recordings. A surprising improvement of the contacts manifested after, against his will and against his expectation, F. M. had convinced him to experiment with M.’s (not networked) computer Commodore C 64. Already in 1989 realized a series of 33 computer dialogues with various transbeings/-entities, among others also with Adolf’s mother. During the same period, and in the following years, occurred further transcontacts via radio and TV appliances, via the C 64, a modern personal computer, and by telephone, to the make-up of which Dr. Vladimir Delavre and Dr. Ernst Senkowski contributed repeatedly. In addition to these, A.H. wrote several texts automatically. In total more than 300 sound-, image- and print documents are available, as whose originators around 30 – as such self-named – transbeings/-entities presented themselves. After the experimenter’s death, it was continued to operate the computer system - without that comparable anomalies would have occurred.

More detailed insight conveys the article mentioned in the Introduction to this publication, and Dr. Valdimir Delavre’s ‚In Memoriam’, published in Vol. III, no. 4 of this magazine.

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