Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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One should no longer regard the INDIVIDUAL, and the continued existence, solely with your logic, because this logic is subject to discretional fundamentals that are not beneficial for man, and not for the universe. All INDIVIDUALS, same as you, are entities. The INDIVIDUAL always composes of many personalities. The individuality is preserved in the worlds. Every INDIVIDUAL becomes as old as God. The INDIVIDUAL is manipulated by corresponding processes of mind/spirit. It is born with the yearning for seeking and exploring the inner I. The facets of the consciousness, over here like with you, allow the INDIVIDUAL an immense number of consciousness dimensions. It is the consciousness that acts and interlinks/unites the objects as well as the INDIVIDUAL of the personality and the soul. With the INDIVIDUAL’s physical end changes the programmed consciousness. In all contacts via radio, TV, and (the) mediumistic ones, we need the INDIVIDUAL and are in direct contact with it. – We speak to the INDIVIDUAL through the mind/spirit and (the) conscience, so that everyone perceives our voice (Jahwe).  

‚Individual’ – ‚man as an individual being/entity, the single person’ – indeed is the ‚indivisible’, and underlines the singularity of every man. According to the text, an indvidual always composes of many personalities, at which the meaning of personality remains unanswered. The Latin-Etruscan ‚persona’, ‚mask of an actor, role represented through this mask’, may also be interpreted as ‚personare’ ‚sounding through’: the speech that becomes audible across the mask. Here, too, the ‚game’ enters the scene – like the ‚playing a role’ does in modern psychology – and (once again) the ‚play with experiments’. Perhaps ‚individual’ here is to be understood as a (timeless?) personality core whose facets show in a diverse manner not only in one single life, but that also bridge various incarnations (see, f.i., Jane Roberts: Seth [13]).

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