Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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INFORMATION is the reality. The entire being/existence is made up of INFORMATION. Even your conception of God is an INFORMATION. All beings/entities are made up of INFORMATION, we, too, are INFORMATION. INFORMATION therefore is what you understand by being/existing. Your being/existence composes of complex facets of earlier, present, and in part of future INFORMATION and forms. All things lie/are in an INFORMATION. Also soft-(and)hard-ware consist of INFORMATION. Every and any time concept consists of continual INFORMATION. All is (with)in the INFORMATION flow. Should you associate INFORMATION with energy, we partly agree with this, for both are fundamental elements that never end. All are available at all times. In all INFORMATION, no matter where it comes from, not any of the notions has a beginning, nor an end, because all is flowing.  

Innumerable forms of INFORMATION rule in the worlds. The INFORMATION of the primordial Godly has become strange to you. The truth is held solely in the primordial INFORMATION. The worlds of cosmogony proceed exogenously through corresponding INFORMATION from God. One (single) -molecule of a soul already involves the completeness of the PRIMORDIAL INFORMATION, wherein every past, presence, and future touch one another. Under certain basic conditions all/every INFORMATION is possible. You possess merely a part of the primordial creative INFORMATION, all is much more portentous than you believe. Our INFORMATION comes from many spheres/domains of the anti-star-days. We get all INFORMATION from earth through a cosmic archive. As a general principle, all INFORMATION bases on telepathy. Many humans receive our INFORMATION via a telepathic way. Through (a) telepathic transposing of INFORMATION every being/entity in the hyperspace universe disposes of the possibility of memorizing all findings/realizations, and of reverberating these. It is known to us how difficult it is for you to comprehend our INFORMATION. Children up to seven years are in a position to clearly remember earlier occurrences. In most cases this INFORMATION gets lost due to the parents’ ignorance. Do not only take the instrumental INFORMATION for serious, but also that what reaches you via the psyche of the medium. Some of you receive INFORMATION from other parts of the consciousness, where other laws are valid. The being/entity has innumerable INFORMATION stores at its disposal. Should a(n) being/entity contact you with completely different statements, you yourselves will be able to recognize the correct INFORMATION. Our INFORMATION is that of the living universe, that speaks to each of you personally. This fundamental INFORMATION bases upon the entire knowledge of the humanity that ever has lived. The fundamental INFORMATION is always correct, only the respective vibrational variations deform it. If there is a too different vibrational divergence, exists the possibility that the genuine INFORMATION changes, or even becomes falsified. – The by me developed letters as such do not yet represent an INFORMATION. Only through your thoughts and feeling INFORMATION can come off (Raudive). 

The reality of INFORMATION is in such condition that everything that lives could transmit our messages to you. But this is not possible, for what would you feel if a mineral would speak to you ? All life, including animals, plants, minerals, be they of gross or subtle matter, are made up of absolute INFORMATION. When you offer water to a plant, this is an INFORMATION. The plant gives you the INFORMATION. Every structure of being/existence brings new INFORMATION. A lot of INFORMATION is required as yet, in order to approach a probable truth. The human thinking organ needs continuous INFORMATION for being, in the end, in a position to experience a satisfactory resonance of sense(s) as a general view. Everything devised by your mind/intelligence can/may be reality in other worlds. In that way (all the) INFORMATION links up telepathically, and partly can/may become incomprehensible. I will make contact from time to time for bringing you INFORMATION whose utilization is not yet certain. This writing is intended to transmit some INFORTMATION to you. Please, do not doubt our INFORMATION, because your system needs continuous INFORMATION in (its) growing. Our INFORMATION remains patchwork as long as it does not reach the consciousness of many (people), because many of you intelligent ones are not spiritually developed. There is still too much INFORMATION waste in the consciousnesses. Discussions are important, because you receive several INFORMATION in the INFORMATION. 

I (Jahwe), again and again, send good INFORMATION carriers who/that are up to the human tactics. The INFORMATION merges in the INFORMATION as long as it is good for the bond (between Jahwe and the humans). Every INFORMATION serves, if it appears positive. Many on your side are searching and are only by sometimes tiny INFORMATION circumstances in a position to find a for their structure of being/existence acceptable way. The conviction brings the INFORMATION. Only the INFORMATION that you represent to yourselves is able to help. Your task consists in the passing on of (the) INFORMATION. Those of you who have realized the enormous inner powers, isolate themselves from the others in order to heal, to help, and to disseminate INFORMATIOIN. This fact will not change in the next of your time. The grain of seed of our INFORMATION shall lead the receiver(s) onto the ground of love. Love is an absolute INFORMATION centre. Bear this INFORMATION within your inner, and unite with it. Love is in (the) INFORMATION. Always practise patience, for the producing of effect has commenced. Impatience as well as lack of concentration hinder informatory values. 

Seen multidimensionally, the smallest, apparently unimportant INFORMATION makes sense, and thus can/may be a part of the primordial plan of creation. Therefore our INFORMATION to you: watch over/care for your treasures so that they be not snatched from you. Countless ideas/conceptions on your like on our side are made up of misroutings that come to pass in the INFORMATION field. All feeling of mankind develops in a way that the field of misroutings in INFORMATION becomes stronger. Through one-sided INFORMATION always light is shed upon only a partial facet. If the correct INFORMATION is not discerned, false formations happen again. This has been going on in your system since several hundred millions of years. Should a receiver be satisfied with the earthly INFORMATION, it is left to him how he is going to make use of it. 

The (transcommunicative) exchange of INFORMATION, as well as the possibilities (for this) can be brought forth. In the end, it does not appear (to be) so important to whose share our INFORMATION falls. Important is always the INFORMATION as such. We are gladly prepared to transmit further INFORMATION. You now have the possibility of assimilating our INFORMATION. The INFORMATION Homes and we are with you and help. Your station Rivenich is on the way to the core of INFORMATION. The affection for omnipotence, that Mose (Adolf Homes) is only partly aware of in his being/existence, as well as all the preparatives allow this INFORMATION. This INFORMATION is as alive as you wish it (to be). It flows out of all spheres of the for you subtle-matter life. Here I am only a carrier of INFORMATION. I express my thanks to you for a whole-hearted exchange of INFORMATION in the cosmic sense. 

To the notion ‚information’, employed in the customary usage of language, has to be attached supreme importance in the Homes communications; by the frequency of its appearance it distinguishes as number two after consciousness. Contact and human/man, hardly of mind/spirit and love. Most of the statements from the different ‚sources’ do not need any elucidation or explanation. However, one peculiarity be pointed out that appeared under Raudive’s name in form of a computer print-out: ‚The by me developed letters as such do not yet represent an INFORMATION. Only through your thoughts and feeling INFORMATION can come off.’ The usual employment of information, resp. ‚to inform’, corresponds neither to the original meaning ‚to educate/cultivate, instruct/teach through tuition’, nor are the by a receiver recorded signals (in this example the ‚letters’) an information. This comes in, and, in the end, consists in a change of the receiver’s structure, provoked by the sender’s signals and intended by him/it. – Harald 2 [18]: ‚It is not necessary that the source of an information be a being or an entity. All that is energy and consciousness, and all that exists, is conscious energy, and can be made a source of information. On principle it is possible that, as a human psyche, one can open oneself for an information source that, perhaps, is a mental/spiritual being. This mental/spiritual being may be a deceased, a being/an entity from an other dimension, or a being/entity of bodyless form from anywhere within your reality. This is quite possible. It is possible to open the psyche for such entities, and to enter into contact with them, either by simply allowing these information sources to take control of the human’s physical system, and to express themselves through this and to speak; it would also be possible to internalize the source and to then understand it, and to use what there is available as information within the source.’

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