Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Instrument – Appliance

Through a not yet existing INSTRUMENT with a to you (pl.) unknown high vibration, a communication with (for this) appropriate men would be possible at any time. We dead are striving towards the aim of creating an INSTRUMENT, that will enable positive men (to have) contact with our mental/spiritual world. Connections via APPLIANCES between mind/spirit and mind/spirit bodies have become possible to you (sing.+pl.) not long ago. I cannot make contact via INSTRUMENTS when other men are present (guardian spirit Jan). We, too, practise TC with APPLIANCES that, however, are continually improved. Assistance for the construction of TC APPLIANCES, unfortunately, is not possible, because you live in a world of different matter, and here are things that are not existent with you. 

All information via your INSTRUMENTS for you is a way that corresponds to your intellect. Your INSTRUMENTS do not exist for us, therefore all contacts are made via the mind. In your body are exactly those elements that are in all INSTRUMENTS and universes. With what INSTRUMENTS you work appears to be immaterial. In the transcontacts the APPLIANCES play a secondary role. Only a few of you find via the APPLIANCES the for us right vibration frequency that can connect the differing structures with one another.  

We regret that we cannot reach all men via electric APPLIANCES. Prerequisite for this is an ability that had been strived for in several lives. INSTRUMENTAL contacts remain dependent on the general mental/spiritual basis of existence of the experimenter on your side. Before our information reaches your APPLIANCES, it passes through the whole receiver, and this makes things complicated in many cases. A permanent (inner) connection to us is the building element. All communications made by us via INSTRUMENTS have been thoroughly thought-out and filtered before they reach you. They have been designed/made up by us in a way that you can understand them, at least with the help of others.  

To all those contacting the Beyond it is recommended to bear this chapter’s contents of in mind. It cannot be excluded that extraterrestrians are capable of exercising direct influence on our appliances by means of a ‚transtechnique’, for what there might be some indications. More probable, however, is that a fairly satisfactory (instrumental) TC requires particularly gifted mediums and corresponding mental attitudes. The adaptation (described in bivalent logic) is two-fold: a mental-telepathic one between the operator and his transpartners, and a ‚psychokinetic’ one between him and his appliances. This adaptation is not able to exclude the mental influences by the operator and his environment, wherewith the statement of an (in comparison with purely mediumistic statements) allegedly better ‚objectivity’, or reliability of the instrumentally realized contents proves to be illusory. To this adds the in the last sentence expressed qualification according to which the messages from the Beyond are filtered: ‚Some anybody’ controls the transcontacts. With us remains the question as to who are the ‚doers’ who/that, in an other passage, state (or let state) ‚further information to this or that issue were not possible or not allowed’.

A plausible description of the mediumistic translation furnishes Harald 2 in [18]: ‚Our way of expression corresponds to what we wish to say and composes of the potential we can discover in our esteemed friend Harald 1 (the in this world living Harald Wessbecher). The language we use is not our language, for we have none, and it also is not that of our esteemed friend, but it is a combined product that tallies to the best possible with what we wish to communicate.’

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