Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Knowledge – Science

The intelligence of the primitive KNOWLEDGE lies in all biological. The fundamental information bases upon the entire KNOWLEDGE of the mankind that ever lived. Only the human’s entire KNOWLEDGE makes sense in the universe. You (pl.) have a partial KNOWLEDGE only. Everyone of you knows only what he wishes to know. KNOWLEDGE is not any kind of power, but solely mental comprehension. Already in the cell is hidden the consciousness about the KNOWLEDGE of the ardent desire for finding oneself anywhen, and also for fulfilling oneself. In every personality resides the KNOWLEDGE about the significancy of the existence of all being/existence. In everyone of you lives a KNOWLEDGE. This KNOWLEDGE is able to get to the bottom of all being/existence, and to seize on it. Not any human, or (not any) being/entity remains ignorant for all time to come. We all can attain to KNOWLEDGE, if the consciousness continues to be open for everthing. We all (however) should not advocate to KNOW a lot, for everything includes open field structures that irresistably change in all directions. A present KNOWLEDGE is not in a position to convey universal multidimensional goings-on. A man who believes to possess all KNOWLEDGE stands solidly with both legs in the air. Is it so important to KNOW everything? 

The lucidity of your soul generally disposes of all KNOWLEDGE. Direct your eyes more on your inner KNOWLEDGE, and you will experience an expansion of (your) consciousness. The light, as we see it, and as is known to many of you, constitutes the source of KNOWLEDGE of all creation and origine. I am not God, nor KNOWING it all. These dialogues are adapted to your KNOWLEDGE, please have confidence. Many of you are prophets without KNOWING it, for probability is no illusion. Those among you who have realized the KNOWLEDGE of the enormous inner powers, separate from the others in order to heal, to help, and to spread information. This fact will not change in the next of your time. Your KNOWLEDGE shall be invested and bring pleasure (while) in troubles/sorrow/affliction.   

The uncertainty in regard of the evanescent drives the human to impossible research. We, too, do not yet KNOW whether this will turn out a positive sense (, or not). Many of your natural SCIENTISTS see no creator in their research, although they descry that the building plan of the universe cannot be a coincidence. The rigid manner of thinking of many SCIENTISTS on both sides renders positive work difficult. I made this experience with you and over here, and have built up my present KNOWLEDGE on this.  

Your SCIENCE endeavours to explore other structures of being/existence. It however only draws towards the characteristic of other structures, and (this) only to the extent as it shows in your system, and can be understood. Your SCIENCE is just at the outset of these things. It will always only be able to insufficiently discover these things. It cannot grasp the whole circle of all forms. All is more complicated than your SCIENCE is able to represent it. The human consciousness is not capable of deciphering mental/spiritual forms. Your SCIENCE could prove our existence; it does not want to (do it). In a few years your SCIENCE will be able to evidence our identity due to for you coercive reasons. This will lead to a new drama, because All-that-is admits it. Regrettably we do not reach those responsible, the politicians and the SCIENTISTS. I greet all SCIENTISTS who lay themselves out to do their work. 

One cannot restrain from smirking when reading in an encyclopaedia [8]: In contrast with mere believing and mere opinion, knowledge is the substantiated, resp. justified belief“. One can call this a scientific credo. Science uses specific methods for classifying and systematizing selected experiences. The scientists frequently neglect the examination of their bases. The transtexts distinguish our partial knowledge from the all embracing (transpersonal) entire knowledge, to what we have an inner access.

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