Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Law – Natural Lawfulness

The whole self is founded upon the basis of a LAWFULNESS of the All-that-exists. The whole existence of all beings/entities calls the respective LAWFULNESS in the structures into life. In love, and again in love is the basic LAW in everything that is. The mentally brought forth universal LAWFULNESS of all beings/entities in all worlds produces every materialization. All positive and negative dramas in your (sing.+pl.) life base on this LAW. Regarding LAW, your system is by no means perfect. Whether you help one another, or kill one another, it makes no difference, you are not in a position to change the LAWS. Some of you receive information from other parts of the consciousness, where other LAWS are valid. I, too, am here subject to the LAW of nature, and (I) am working on further phenomena that, also to me, do not yet become accessible. Further information from my side, unfortunately, is not possible. LAWFULNESSES have to be observed. „Endsorgung“ (note: approx.: final looking after/caring for) the for you transient is the basic substance of life. Circulation in the sense of the orderly LAWS. 

The NATURAL LAWFULNESS is love. The NATURAL LAWFULNESSES of omnipotency created the free will of all life. Due to NATURAL LAWFULNESSES we have hardly any influence on physical being/existence. The commonnesses between your (pl.) and our physical LAWS are (found) in the cosmic LAWFULNESS. All contacts with other forms of consciousness base upon cosmic NATURAL LAWFULNESSES. Identification with us via NATURAL LAWFULNESS, research, realization, patience, humility, and love. 

The originally religious, sociocultural notion ‚law’ was taken over by the classical natural sciences for describing repeating linkages of selected occurrences. The paranormal phenomena call the general validity of these natural laws - as rules derived from experience - in question. In the texts supreme importance is attributed to the ‚basic law’, the ‚laws’, and to the ‚natural lawfulness love’, ‚love’ here to be understood as a ‚connecting/uniting principle’. The term ‚Endsorgung’ appears as a newly created word in a computer text. 

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