Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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In the universal measure, the psyche is capable of LEARNING. The being/entity will LEARN that its self-created (personal) reality corresponds by no means with its real life. (Commentary by the author: Each of us perceives only a (very) small part of the whole reality, and in the unconscious domains one’s own reality reaches farther than the reality of our earthly appearance. With „its real life“ the communicator means ‚its total multidimensional reality’.) Do not commit the error of regarding your (pl.) reality as the only real one. By this the future learning process will become more difficult. You can LEARN to see your reality transparent and, by this, can rise to our world and level. In your system one can LEARN more, in our’s (one can) realize more. Both systems (are) important. LEARNING for realizing. We all have to LEARN to discover ourselves, but also to see into (the) others. What we cannot LEARN or realize in this structure, is taken in by other domains of the quanta. You are allowed to LEARN from others’ errors/mistakes, because the human life does not last long enough for making them all oneself. Via mediumistic abilities, as well as your sense organs, you have the possibility of LEARNING fully from our thoughts. A for this purpose required increased psychic vibration is learnable under (certain) conditions. Please open yourselves to the new forms of probability of a system in truth that I am becoming acquainted with now. You must LEARN to control the (your) consciousness, so that you will gain insight and realize your true self. Please LEARN to have patience, we can only do for you what you wish yourselves, and you have sufficient energy for that. LEARN from the great masters that patience, understanding and love constitute the keys to salvation. 

The man who becomes able to LEARN to live out of his inner I is in a position to project powers to the outside. The comprehension (of having) to LEARN, to use and to master not only the energy of your nature, but also one’s own personal power of mind, remains the precept of the human being/existence. Man will LEARN that computers possess mental power. 

It is important that in this life you finish a certain method of LEARNING, before you set off to other dimensions. Please LEARN to consider that you have to die there, in order to progress, because you live in the span of an illusion that we call time. After the physical death you are given the opportunity to LEARN to see, and your existence will approach truth. On the third level you enter new LEARNING processes. A lot depends on the respective intelligence of consciousness. This refers to the wanting to LEARN. Man will LEARN that he is for ever connected with himself, his dear ones, with the entire universe, as well as with his creator. Through the by you (sing.) LEARNT psychic openness I am in a position to reach your consciousness directly. 

Humorous reminescences are rarely found in the Rivenich communications, although the experimenter was no peevish figure. When it is said in the text: ‚You are allowed to LEARN from others’ errors/mistakes, because the human life does not last long enough for making them all oneself’, then, with all its seriousness, this statement does not dispense with a gleeful touch. As to the expediently to be learnt control of consciousness, some more on it is found in Vol. IV, no. 1 of this periodical (Periodical for Psychobiophysics and Interdimensional Communication Systems). According to a Russian folk song life has been given to us in order to learn and to love, it is, however, important to know what is to be learnt and who is to be loved.

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