Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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We exist in other consciousness LEVELS on other dimensions, and by this are nearer to the light LEVELS. Our thoughts change continuously according to the respective LEVEL, or the by us created reality. We exist in the third LEVEL of the subtle-matter reality. (We know) many, many (LEVELS), and many that we do not know. For us, too, still many unexplored psychic LEVELS are open. The life in the third LEVEL is easier, there is more joy of life, no narrowing, diversity, new processes of learning come about, new tasks, telepathy. We are in a position to leave our LEVEL for visiting – although for a short while – other dimensions that we are striving for. (During a transcontact) we are in the course of a double LEVEL. 

You (pl.) can learn to see your reality transparent, and by this rise to our world and LEVEL. Through an expanded spiritual development phase, that is not bound to any period of time, you are (become) able to break through time corridors for leaving the material LEVEL. Having arrived on our side, you have many possibilities for progressing also into other LEVELS and worlds. We allowed that you (Adolf Homes) could come into, for you (pl.) deep, secret psychological LEVELS. You should in no wise proceed from there being no more divergences in our worlds. With this knowledge, finally also the inconsistencies on your LEVEL can be explained, for only the entire knowledge of man results in sense in the multiverse.  

Our Centrale is in the third LEVEL. The cooperation of the groups in the Beyond ‚Zeitstrom’ (time-stream) and ‚Centrale’ on the third LEVEL in the Beyond is confirmed. Some (members) of ‚Zeitstrom’ and ‚Centrale’ are still in the third LEVEL because of TC. The core of the energy personality Thomas speaks from the third LEVEL. The entity that we call Seth 3 is an entity from the fourth LEVEL. Unfortunately, Seth 3 and Thomas are not always in the third LEVEL. 

This be the first contact of the other human Franz Schneider from the third LEVEL. I am in a not-spacetime-LEVEL in a known world of unlimited multifariousness. Everything is possible. Medium LEVEL of existence. Through spiritual insight and prayer I learnt from omnipotence that, now here in the third consciousness LEVEL, I would have a better cognitive faculty, and could do more for humanity than on earth. I am linked with the unity, and many tasks are waiting for all of us.  

The in spirit(ual)ism current confusing notion ‚level’, naturally has nothing in common with the idealized mathematic-physical level that in practical life presents itself as a material two-dimensional surface with more or less clear unevennesses. The definition of the levels in the Beyond as approximately uniform states of consciousness of the deceased may be fairly apposite. The in the text mentioned counting of the levels joins the very cautiously formulated conceptions that were mediumistically written down as „Myers Reports“ [11] under the name of a former president of the English Society for Psychical Research, Frederic Myers. Transmessages about ‚levels’ should be critically analyzed, because our ‚children’s languages’ for describing worlds of experiences in the Beyond are inappropriate for it. Likewise problematic appear to be the conceptions ‚above’, ‚below’, ‚higher’, ‚lower’ that accompany the counting. ‚Levels’ can be understood as intermeshed bundles of the respective similar consciousness structures that differ in respect of their complexity, and their scope of possibilities of action. The ‚inhabitants’ of a ‚level’ go through similar experiences. The earth is one of these ‚levels’.

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