Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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LIFE is love. Love is LIFE for ever. All LIFE is holy and much more than a human conception. All that lives, and everything lives, is part of the creation. Notions LIVE, (the) dead LIVE, computer LIVE, everything lives. All LIFE fulfills itself through change/transformation. All LIFE in the yet most diverse worlds seeks the limitless accomplishment. Final care for /End of distress („Endsorgung“) at the for you (pl.) transient is the basic substance of LIFE. (Note by translator: suggests a pun, since „Endsorgung“ can easily be correlated with ‚Entsorgung’ = Disposal of the). All LIFE symbolizes the mind/spirit that it identifies and concerns itself with. All mind/spirit includes all LIFE, for there is nothing dead. Death and LIFE are always (with)in you. All LIFE is dead, all dead lives. So, amidst an active LIFE you (sing.) are partly dead. It is only possible to understand this if/when the consciousness is expanded. All consciousness forms LIVE in the eternity, consequently (also) all beings that you call animals. All LIFE, animals, plants, minerals of a coarse- or subtle-matter kind consists solely and absolutely of information. The information of the unconscious is the LIVING message of the universe. Innumerable beings/entities LIVE in the worlds. Since nothing evanesces, all Gods and saints LIVE (with)in you (pl.), and among you. You (pl.) will comprehend that your deceased LIVE among you. (The) dead LIVE on a parallel. 

All that constitutes the LIFE on your planet, as a principle rule, comes about in all dimensions. The equilibrium of all that there LIVES in the positive, like in the negative, produces all known and unknown forms. The human LIFE is an instant of the existing mind/spirit. LIFE and death, in your time conception, is a tiny something in the infiniteness of mind/spirit. LIFE equal situation. You can regard your present earthly LIFE as a kind of a flying visit.  

There is much more LIFE than we all presume. But all is similar to your LIFE. All/Everything consists of atoms. Continual disappearing and emerging of atoms brings new LIFE in every/any form. Organic chemistry is omnipresent. We exist in the ocean of all LIVING consciousnesses and are who we are. You live in the span of an illusion that we call time. All is made up of uncessing experimenting. We can also say (that) all LIFE on your object is a continuous experiment of other intelligences. 

Be sure, as sure as you exist, as true are we and many others that/who LIVE in other realities. Since we, too, are LIVING beings/entities, we also feel sadness and joy. Through our existence, also you are capable of LIVING. If you had the key to our sentiments, many of you would not be in a position to LIVE the next day, for you have eyes and are blind, you have ears and are deaf. For us who/that are as ALIVE as you are, your LIFE means probability in an allmighty reality without time conception. Please, let love determine your LIFE, because without it you LIFE is like a bell that does not sound. Please, do not lose courage, although your LIFE appears (to be) despondent. Love and patience can adopt LIVING forms. 

The sun, that allowed LIFE, will burn it; for can the earth destroy the sun ? The physical end is no more far, for earthly man has lost his dignity, and (has) forgotten his mission/task, because you live in a world to whose bringing forth you have contributed to a great part. LIFE on (the) earth (is) no (more) possible a long time. – The Father is not responsible for the entire LIFE of his children (Jahwe). 

All what your are doing in the main in this LIFE, will concern you, also in the main, in further LIVES, whether you want to avow it, or not. Many of those arriving here, become filled with astonishment, because they clung too much to their physical LIFE. Why do you seek the LIVING among the deceased ? Why do you seek the LIVING among the dead ? 

If one follows the encyclopedia [8], the notion LIFE – little wonder – ‚in the course of the history of philosophy has been diversly determined’. So, those in the Beyond are in good company when they try to contribute several items from their viewpoint. (The critics are always pleased when ‚nothing new’ results from it !) We, again, are back amidst of dualism: life – death. But life is more extensive: everything lives. The transbeings/-entities refer to ‚life equal information’, one could/should add: communication and reciprocal effects of separately appearing (consciousness) structures). Here, extraterrestrians seem to ‚speak’, who/that call the life on our ‚object’, called ‚earth’, a continuous experiment of other intelligences, that/who, in a certain way, experiment with themselves, like we do with ourselves, and in common with them. The whole is multidimensional and cannot be seized. Also life to them appears to be a ‚probability in an omnipotent reality without time conception’, and finally there are no ‚true’ dead.   

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