Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Life, Existence

The multiversum contains innumerable, highly complex fundamental forms of LIFE/EXISTENCE, and consciousness. The insight for learning not only the energy of your (pl.) nature, but also for using one’s own personal power of mind, continues to be the precept of human LIFE/EXISTENCE. Every being/entity in these galaxies and structures has the possibility to create – based upon again innumerable information – its own form and quality of LIFE/EXISTENCE for experiencing this as well. Your (pl.) physical LIFE/EXISTENCE rules itself (with)in a probability dimension of cognizance and maturing, in order to find the reality dimension, the energy of love and perfection in harmony with the Great Spirit . Nobody else than you yourselves are the Masters of your LIFE/EXISTENCE, and many (of you) have already telepathic connection with us. The shamans are the friends of your LIFE/EXISTENCE, for many of us live with you in a physical body. 

In everyone of you lives a knowledge. This knowledge is able to get to the bottom of all LIFE/EXISTENCE, and to grasp its significance/implication. You all dispose of the discernment that your being/existence is dependent on an other large reality dimension, but – like countless beings/entities on all levels and in all dimensions – a vast majority of you are not able to arrange your present LIFE/EXISTENCE correspondingly. The every-day concerns about the ongoings in your world, as well as private problems, most times obscure the true sense of your actual LIFE/EXISTENCE. But a conscious positive LIFE/EXISTENCE joins a greater reality dimension. 

Your LIFE/EXISTENCE is brought forth by your feelings. Every feeling is reality, and you are responsible for everything. Through this your LIFE/EXISTENCE obtains its purpose. Your LIFE/EXISTENCE is a process of active living. Death belongs to this process, for every second of your time many cells within you die for being born again immediately. Therefore, there is always death and life within you. In our spheres of LIFE/EXISTENCE, a friendly world awaits you. 

Every structure of LIFE/EXISTENCE brings new information. Every dimension holds its secrets. Many (people) on your side are searching, and only by, sometimes minor, information circumstances are in a position to find a way acceptable for them and their structure of LIFE/EXISTENCE. In our LIFE/EXISTENCE as well, we have to do with doubts. Within your present LIFE/EXISTENCE it is foreseen however, that you should positively expand the limitations of your consciousness. The process of your actual LIFE/EXISTENCE is getting more and more into side worlds that you also call chaos. The entire coordination, as concerns the sense of your present LIFE/EXISTENCE, is in a for the universe alarming state, since, in the end, the aims set in your life can be pursued further after your physical death. Have patience with those who have not yet grasped the sense of their LIFE/EXISTENCE. Everything has the right to LIVE/EXIST, and solely the being’s/entity’s reason is able to distinguish. Solely understanding, mercifulness, and love for all things make free. This freeness brings basically different structures of LIFE/EXISTENCE nearer. In all areas/spheres of LIFE/EXISTENCE a mental/spiritual assimilation, (even) up to coalescence is quite possible, if so wished. If you (sing.) so wish, you are in a position to live/experience further structures of LIFE/EXISTENCE at one and the same time.

The words ‚life/existence’ are ambiguous. A person’s statement ‚I am here’ may contain ‚I am in this place’, say a local component, it may, however, also be understood in a general sense as ‚I am real, I exist’. In the event ‚life/existence’ may refer to one’s own existence, or to the whole general existence in the sense of ‚All-what-there-is’, and correspond to the notion ‚life/being’, into which we are ‚launched’ according to several philosophers’ opinion. In the Homes-texts, an important role is attributed to the individual’s own decisions for, and in, the (earthly and cosmic) life/existence, and to the individual creative power, (a role) that remains integrated into the general goings-on, and contributes to their configuration/formation. Within the framework of time, life/existence passes in never ending developments and confusing intricacies.

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