Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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LIGHT is mind and information. LIGHT energies penetrate all physical as well as psychical forms. Above it is the pure spirituality of an omnipotence that allows every principle. All thoughts of your (pl.) world are stored with us as LIGHT patterns for eternities. We perceive your thoughts as LIGHT patterns. LIGHT patterns have nothing to do with the LIGHT known to you. We have to do with the living LIGHT of the consciousness and the soul. The most important things are not seen with your eyes, they are in the LIGHT of the timeless mental/spiritual. A blind human is in a position to see and to feel much more LIGHT than a seeing person. Many of you are still blind and do not see the LIGHT that shines within them. The LIGHT as we see it and (as) it is known to many of you, signifies the source of knowledge of all creation and origin. LIGHT consists of (the) creation of all that is, course and target of every life. Love is LIGHT. This LIGHT allows to live all experiences in all dimensions (or universes). Here is Jahwe in the LIGHT of eternity. I am the LIGHT of all that evanesces as well as of the perennial. I am LIGHT and love.  

It is LIGHT phases in specific patterns that connect you with us. There are spectra of your reality, LIGHT spectra, and such that produce your reality for developing your consciousness. LIGHT spectra have little to do with matter spectra. LIGHT spectra contain atom(s). If they strive for it, two transpartners can be in the same LIGHT spectrum, consequently in mental/spiritual harmony.  

For you not measurable LIGHT sources meet their wave ranges through an adaptation-coordination connection. The for you not measurable LIGHT does not consist of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation, that you define as impulses, from our side is, properly speaking, a directional LIGHT spectrum, is to say, the LIGHT that is concentrated on our side and passed through to you, with you comes out, as it were, at the end of a funnel as (a) sound impulse. From this also result all (the) interferences and backgrounds (noises), Hall effects, echos, etc. So the LIGHT is emitted as a sound on your side. The LIGHT, consequently the questions, the answers, the speech, everything – (since) actually we don’t speak –, properly speaking, are transmitted thought pulses sent to you. But, because we exist on other dimensions, and it thus is nearer (for us) to the LIGHT levels, these LIGHT spectra, these frequences are focussed and sent to you in (from) a dispassage point, and on your side they then appear as acoustic signals, or, possibly, as optical signals. Transmission by Föderation des Lichts (Federation of the light) ident Plejadians to Rivenich effected from M-ship XX012 through LIGHT radiation. 

The singular LIGHT of the Great Spirit shines in the universes. Humans with LIGHT consciousness make everything possible as time goes on. Please, train yourselves in the deep feeling for your fellow men and nature. In this particularity you all (will) discern the way to the LIGHT, to God. The system says: But therein consists the jurisdiction, that the LIGHT has come to the world, but many humans love the darkness more than the LIGHT. The benignity and the love of omnipotency let shine the LIGHT of eternal union in the souls.  

In the worlds many are waiting for the change of the systems, the LIGHT will detach the darkness, for the entire positive consciousness is interconnected. Many beings/entities no longer distinguish the LIGTH from the darkness. LIGHTless men will slowly (begin to) think of the eternity of the all-that-is. Only after their metamorphosis they will be nearer to the LIGHT and the truth. Many of you will not grasp the initial situation (of the metamorphosis) and will hide, but the LIGHT will lead them to the LIGHT. 

Realizing is the way into the LIGHT, the walk to the creator. Innumerable ways lead, not time-bound, into the LIGHT. Those among you who are warmed by the divine LIGHT, will discern the true information. One second takes up the next, so may you all continue the education (so) that the LIGHT of the Great Spirit flows into you, because through obstinacy man’s affliction does not decrease. Those who still recognize the LIGHT wish to help the others. Please, by no means feel powerless and faint-hearted, the unique bright LIGHT RAY of all hopes and salvations shines in the souls. Call your helpers of the LIGHT. The ideal is to carry the LIGHT of (the) information, and to couple it with love, so as to feel part of the creation, and to neither judge, nor to fear it, but to simply see the Godly wherein it evolves. Clear, powerful consciousnesses creat (the) eternal LIGHT RAY to(wards) the immeasurable love. Carry the LIGHT of truthful love out into the world, so that it may become brighter. It is not absolutely necessary to blow out the LIGHT of the others for having one’s own shine. Humility, love and unity are wings with which we bring God’s LIGHT into the universes. Walk in humility and love, for the LIGHT will push darkness away. Always concentrate on the genuine LIGHT. Be always reasonable, peaceable, and do not forget that we all will see one another again with the eyes of the LIGHT. We thank you for your endeavours for leading humans to the LIGHT. We send you the LIGHT’s love. 

The here available contents can be designated as ‚light metaphysics’. In the under ‚Consciousness’ mentioned gnosis the (higher than worldly) light was reputed to be the principle of all reality. Here, (like by Marciniak’s Pleiadians [10]) light is identified with information, this in contrast with the physically as electromagnetic appearance described visible and invisible light that we use as an information carrier. The light patterns, as which our thoughts are stored timeless, are information patterns that have nothing in common with our light. Love, too, is equated with light. In the ‚light phases’ and ‚light spectra’ that connect us with the transpartners, ‚phase’ stresses the dynamic transitions and adaptations of the complex mental/spiritual light spectra.   

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