Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The system proper of all being/existence consists of the continual change of all consciousnesses, this fact gives the reason for the different LOGIC. Many of you do not see any LOGIC in the system. The human LOGIC does in no way correspond with reality.It is incorrect because you (pl.) dwell on the activity dimensions of your tiny every-day life, and do not get out of the circle of guilt, fear, God and devil. Since we do no more strive for the end in itself, completely different LOGICS exist. We regard your LOGIC as a hallucination.  

The problems in the worlds consist in the completely differing LOGIC(s), perceptive faculties, and dimensionality. Regrettably, we have problems with the human LOGIC, because just little is left that the primeval creative nature still has to do with humanity’s LOGIC. Because of the dissimilarity of the systems, as well as due to the different conception of time of existing solely in the now, our LOGIC and perceptivity are different from yours. 

One should no longer look at the individual as well as at the given facts solely with your LOGIC, because this LOGIC is subject to discretionary bases that are not beneficial for man and the universe. The notion ‚why?’ does not belong to our LOGIC. (So), please do not search for reasons (for the present threatening earthly situation), because your entire LOGIC is not correct. Our communications base upon a different LOGIC, (and) therefore many of your questions cannot be answered directly by us. The contacts via your apparatus will remain (to be) rare, because your physics and LOGIC have been changed by manipulation. 

I already have problems in adapting myself to your LOGIC. Nevertheless I, from time to time, pay a visit to my country Italy, and also to your country (Juergenson). – Following your LOGIC, I now have to say: Doc Mueller greets you all. According to our LOGIC I would have to say: I greet myself. But how then could you understand me? I am in all (beings/entities), and everything is in me. 

One of the greatest impediments to the transcommunicative endeavours proves to be the again and again stressed different logic in the spheres in the Beyond, that is declared to be a consequence of the holistic linkage of all occurrences, and of the differing time structures. It is practically unavoidable that strange multivalued logics appear to be acausal and confusing under the aspect of our bivalued ‚primitive logic’, and contribute to rejection. But also the bivalued logic is no longer what it used to be. The evaluation and application of Lotfi Zahdeh’s ‚Theory of Fuzzy Logic’ [20] in the 1960s has made plain that the exact conceptuality of Aristotle’s logic constitutes an idealized border-line case not conformable with life. Obviously these findings are especially valid for transcommunication that in the adaptation of diverse systems is practically dependent on ‚fuzzy conceptions’.  

It seems there exists the possibility of intuitive insights into rather complex transpersonal structures that largely escape a rational verbal transmission/conveyance and, due to their subjectivity, are readily downgraded to by phantasy produced illusions and hallucinations, although appropriate methods and trainings, like, e.g., meditation and yoga, release substantially identical experiences whose intersubjectivity is quite ‚objective’.

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