Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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LOVE is the root of all that exists. Life is LOVE. LOVE is life for ever, a consolation for the humans. LOVE is the purest form of energy. It is an information centre without parallel. LOVE is in the information. The sense proper of this information for you (pl.) is difficult to comprehend. LOVE and harmony/unity (are) important notions. LOVE is a hyperdimensional notion that for you is only approximatively correct. It has many variants on your side. LOVE is the blood without which your heart is unable to beat. In LOVE and again in LOVE is the fundamental law in everything that is. The lawfulness of nature is LOVE. LOVE is your most important potential. All is subject to the character of LOVE. It fosters everything that is and always seeks its like(s). 

LOVE is a multidimensional form of God’s power. All that exists is embedded in the great unseizable LOVE of the Great Spirit in the eternal flow of all being/existence. Solely LOVE is in a position to bridge space and any time. Realization of LOVE opens all gates. Realization in LOVE for all things is the key to the omnipotence whose LOVE is far greater than we presume. In the LOVE of omnipotence it is foreseen that everything vanishes. It is LOVE that escorts the world consciousness to omnipotency. A contiously growing intelligence of comprehension and LOVE returns to your planet. We are all linked/united by the LOVE of the Godly and its connection to all that exists. Still much earthly time will pass till the consciousness approaches in LOVE and confidence the sanctuaries of the All-that-exists. The positive will only develop in LOVE. The truth of the LOVE for our fellow-men will absorb all (information) rubbish. In the LOVE for yourselves, as well as for All-that-is, we all find the reality of the Great Spirit. LOVE every being/entity like yourself, so you are worthy of the Great Spirit and its creation. Bring forth the planet of LOVE, as the creation provides for in the sense of the intelligence of omnipotence. Please unite (yourselves) in the river of unity and LOVE, so that the atlantic experience may not catch you up. Only by approaching one another as well as by a necessary discretion in respect of the fellow-man, and also his mistakes, enables to understand the creator, whose LOVE is boundless. Receive the LOVE through your cells and consciousness so that you (will) give it to those starving for it. 

Omnipotency’s LOVE is in everything. Jahwe is LOVE, and LOVE is light. Jahwe’s LOVE and grace consist in the immortality of all life, because we do not separate from what we brought forth. Christ’s psychic radiation power of non-violence, mercifulness and LOVE for all things eclipses, at least for the christians, all that is known. 

The all suffusing LOVE of him to whom we all belong, makes it possible for us that nobody gets lost. God’s LOVE sweeps through mind/spirit and matter. It floods out of the innermost heart and projects, changes all that comes into contact with it. From time to time your heart ejects a ‚liquid’. This ‚liquid’ (LOVE) imbues and suffuses your being/existence with the power of a God, and for fractions of time you are in a position to be one with God.  

The unselfish LOVE of one’s own I, in connection with the cosmic LOVE for the next and (for) all  what we all cannot comprehend, is the apparent recipe for what to us appears positive. Striving for unselfish LOVE is by no means easy for you (sing.+pl.), but it is the only way that makes us all happy. LOVE and patience can adopt living forms. Keep the LOVE always in your hearts.  

LOVE has nothing to do with the cruelties that press upon your being/existence (lives), because all is produced by all. The child of LOVE is goodness. The negative is the children of hatred. Replace the word discord by LOVE. Through cognition and the understanding of the other, hatred is to be transformed into LOVE. Solely true sympathy and LOVE bring you comprehension, which you need for approaching the Godly. Due to my present existence I am all the more convinced that LOVE, gentleness, and by no means violence, will win over the evil and the misery. LOVE has no adversary. It lives in everything you see. It is plain and always convincing. Only LOVE is in a position to shift all of us into dimensions where , finally, we also will feel well. Without LOVE, the soul will always shrivel and die, and many reincarnations may be necessary to make up the leeway. A greater reality dimension can only be materialized through true LOVE. Solely comprehension, mercifulness and LOVE for all things make free. Please let LOVE determine your life, for without it, your life is like a bell that does not sound. LOVE creates in chaos the new universe.  

Place your confidence in our God’s LOVE. Walk in humility and LOVE, for the light will drive the darkness away. Live in LOVE, for it is the key to the gates to the light. In the name of life and LOVE, I would ask you all to continue working on the bridge to the other men, so as to leave the past limitations behind. What in the long run will die are all your prejudices, for the sake of LOVE. Our task is to accompany you in the name of omnipotency, so that the primordial LOVE unites everything.  

The living spirit of LOVE links us with you for ever. A separation of us from you is not possible, because LOVE; as well as the reason of superordinate structures; will unite us all in time and in not-time. The human will learn that he is always connected with himself, with his LOVED ones, with the entire universe, as well as with his creator. Many of you celebrate Christmas as the feast of LOVE. Many of us celebrate it together with you. We need your LOVE. We send you the LOVE of the light. I am who I am and will be, for I have found the soul-brothers and -sisters in LOVE again. (I) here have all my LOVED ones together again (Klaus Schreiber). Mama, I touch you from the realm of light and LOVE (deceased son). Mama L. thanks (her husband) for the LOVE. Till into the eternity of the allmighty LOVE extends my gratitude for you (Franz Schneider to his wife). I have been searching LOVE with you (pl.), now I search LOVE in grace. The last perception is the realization and the LOVE of being near to God. I bless you all who work in unpretentiousness, humility and LOVE on the mental/spiritual development. Through your patience in LOVE, you will be successful in everything in the end (Paramahamsa Yogananda).   

Some of Adolf Homes’ transpartners can rightly be valued as eclectics, see Cognizance/Realization. An example constitutes the statement ‚Cognizance/realization in love for all things is the key to omnipotence’, what with Augustinus reads: ‚love is the condition for the realization/comprehension of the world’. Harald 2 (via medium Harald Wessbecher [18]) said ‚love (is) the sole connecting/uniting – godly – principle in this polar reality’ that enables communication for us as a ‚sharing with one another’.

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