Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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MANIPULATION never exists (in the whole system), because information always is part of the soul as well as of the universe. All your probabilities always represent one of innumerable realities. From this viewpoint no MANIPULATION exists. In your system it is admitted, and only through alertness in recognition everything is separable. The by the primeval God created human reality was MANIPULATED by the end-in-itself (behaviour) of the secondary gods long before your time. In the universes there always were biogenetic MANIPULATION and mutation. All biological processes are MANIPULATIONS. All was piece work, because the being/entity withdrew from itself. Because of your mental nimbleness side gods appear in order to MANIPULATE you.  

Your reality, that comprehends MANIPULATION, is brought forth through experiencing and myth. You all are MANIPULATORILY controlled through corresponding mental processes, through the play of feelings, of curiosity and fervid activity. A reincarnation involves many MANIPULATIONS that are beyond your range of comprehension. The great human weakness is MANIPULATION, by what everyone of you seeks his advantage in one way or another. This applies to many of us, too. Due to the remaining mental powers received from/maintained by the primeval creator, many are insusceptible to MANIPULATION. 

Everything that withdrew you from creation will (during the metamorphosis) appear once again in full size, and you will discern the MANIPULATION, since the change/transformation of the beings/entities is not accomplished yet. – You fools, elements demand repayment. Viruses penetrate matter. Outset in Britannia. Help not possible. An eye for an eye. – Force/power is conferred to the weak, because the Great Spirit won’t be MANIPULATED. The new order shall take its rise.   

The simplest interpretation of ‚manipulating’ in a neutral sense is ‚influencing’, because every kind of communication or contact unavoidably involves a(n) (reciprocal) exercising of influence on the respective partners. In our earliest years we all have been manipulated by our mother-tongue into a spectrum of specific states of consciousness that we can hardly escape of throughout our life. Unfortunately this notion also has a negative component in as far as manipulation, as a pinpointed seduction, constitutes a much-liked, often religiously embellished procedure.  

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