Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Matter - Materialization 

Before it admitted animals and plants, mind/spirit created the human at a time when there was not any matter yet. MATTER is created by mind/spirit. There exists no separation between MATTER and mind/spirit forms. All MATTER consists of mind/spirit. Mind/spirit is MATTER. There is no dead MATTER. Time came about in the intermediate phase (of) mind/spirit-MATTER. Mind/spirit and MATTER are electromagnetic creations, everything carries the information. Electromagnetic pulses permeate all MATTER, as well as all universes. The mentally/spiritually brought forth universal lawfulness of all beings/entities in all worlds produces every materialization whatsoever. The materialization of the communications for you with sound and image is programmed from our side.

God’s love sweeps through mind/spirit and MATTER. The mental/spiritual universe penetrates all MATTER and brings spirituality to the humans. Please do not fall so much under the spell of the MATERIAL world, it is too short to find peace (in it). The imMATERIAL will not be extinguished. The biological-chemical situation more and more preponderates the natural reciprocal effects between mind/spirit and MATTER.  

You can bring about more than we can, because you compose of mind/spirit and MATTER. Due to innumerable dimensions in form of thoughts, that you may/can also realize MATERIALly, you have the possibility of producing a lot that we cannot bring about in this manner. The greater/higher reality dimension can only be materialized by love.  

In this epoch, MATERIALIZATIONS become possible, because, who is near to grace will see, hear and sense. We (the FDL) possess the ability of extraterrestrial MATERIALIZATION, also inside your system. But we practise utmost precaution. 

What occurred has been manipulated in a way that there was not any danger whatsoever at any time. In the moment of catching sight of you, I was in Sehlem, and simultaneously in all other planetary systems. 

While normally matter and mind/spirit appear as antipodes, they are unified in the texts at hand. In modern and post-modern physics, the classical notion of matter, ‚atoms as rigid tiny reality blocks’, is untied into not illustrative mental structures that can be described merely mathematically. The here mentioned electromagnetic creations, according to other information received, are not identical with our electromagnetics, whose impulses by no means penetrate all matter and/or all universes untrammelled. Materializations of solid objects in mediumistic fields belong to the greatest challenges contemporary natural science is faced with. The categorization of human, or animal phantoms – including, for instance, the lifelike appearance of shaman Majo – is not easy. They may be to the outside projected inner visions that heterodyne the normal surroundings, or touchable figures that comport like humans for a relatively short ‚lifetime’. When the FDL claims to dominate ‚extraterrestrial materialization’ *), and to be responsible for ‚abductions’, it seems reasonable to suppose that the UFO phenomenon is such a materialization – what does not exclude the frequently observed physical effects. Under an expanded view we are materialized mental/spirit beings with a consciousness that is highly centered on the body (see, f.i., Jahn/Dunne [7]), and in this epoch sets out to recognize and to overcome this limitation. 

*)  Note by author: Majo presumably speaks of the possibility of the deceased in the Beyond, who in an expanded sense are ‚extraterrestrians’, of materializing in our earthly world. 

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