Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Mediumism - Medium 

All occult practices become clear in the spiritual form of thought in all psychoanalytical processes of the world of spirits. The interest of the medium opens all doors. All the psychological structures are not explainable in all their multifariousnesses by single messages from us. You (sing.+pl.), however, have the possibility to learn well from our thoughts by means of mediumistic abilities as well as your sense organs. In your time the animal, on principle, disposes of a higher mediumism than the human does.

In spiritual-MEDIUMISTIC states men may/can make contact with practically all non-material forms of beings/entities. A here unlimited multifariousness of consciousness streams, in connection with in MEDIUMSHIP unstable receivers on your side, make practically everything possible. The MEDIUMISTIC contacts on your side are a psychic conformation/adjustment of the information fields. We always depend on the psyche of the MEDIUM, therefore this vocabulary. All our communications sent via a MEDIUM, or via instruments, are tinctured by the psyche of the direct receiver. Before our information reaches your appliances, it passes through the entire receiver, and this makes things complicated in many cases. You cannot know for certain if we (the FDL), or the human MEDIUM transmits a message to you, because with you there is practically no clear information. All MEDIUMISTIC streams end in the original source of all realities, that, in their turn, are to be led back to all perceptions. There is no for you satisfactory answer in your sense. In the profundity of MEDIUMISM there are moments when fractions of the All-that-exists disclose themselves. 

Every individual is uncapable of living without MEDIUMISM. Everyone of you possesses MEDIUMISM, but only few of you use it creatively. With many beings on your side (gifted) with an extraordinary perception that deviates from normality, the physical circulation is not stable enough. The MEDIUMISTIC ability is the interest in oneself, in connectioin with the uncertain. With most of the MEDIUMISTIC contacts to us we have to do with reality contacts; to what extent these contacts are extended, or blurred, from your side depends on the human brain on which we have no direct influence because every being/entity has its own responsibility. Do not only take the instrumental information for serious, but also that which arrives with you via the MEDIUM’s psyche.  

We are by no means a product of so-called MEDIUMISTIC humans. Repeatedly information has been transmitted via so-called MEDIUMISTIC individuals. Your MEDIUMISTIC abilities have been built up through these (trans-)contacts. Favourable for you is (it) when a person joins your ITC who receives our information MEDIUMISTICALLY. In your integration in your time, concentrated MEDIUMISTIC learning processes play a role. We from the third level of the, for you, world in the Beyond, recommend to train yourselves in MEDIUMISTIC WRITING: By you too much strived for emotional, or MEDIUMISTIC power of imagination referred to the physis, will hinder the contacts to us.  

Mediums and shamans are mediators between the worlds. As mentioned under „Instruments“, all contents expressed via a medium are subject to considerable limitations in respect of their origin. The facts are formulated in a very sharp manner here, and they finish with the sentence: ‚There is no for you satisfactory answer in your sense’. Independently from this is pointed out the importance of the profoundness of mediumism, resp. meditation, that allows a (non-verbal) access to the mental/spiritual worlds. It is futile to argue about the mediumism of amateurs in the recording of voices on tape if the humans as incarnated mental/spiritual beings are not capable of living without mediumism. After all, it has shown that the top transcommunicators dispose of far reaching mediumistic (or psychic) abilities that surpass the normal. Regarding the mediumistic superiority of the animals, many observations made in ITC and in cases of spook speak for it.

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