Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The created/produced is maintained, it needs a METAMORPHOSIS. Beginning of (the) METAMORPHOSIS of the universe (through) time adjustment with foreign structures. The human has lost his nature due to negative spiritual ignorance. But for the human a new way of existence is planned. He will go through a METAMORPHOSIS. Many of you will not grasp the initial situation of the METAMORPHOSIS and will hide themselves, but the light will guide them to the light. Lightless humans will slowly (begin to) think of the eternity of all that exists, because the creator sent messengers to you (pl.). The intervention of the ages is understood. The change is initiated by a changing of the nervous system. At the end of his METAMORPHOSIS, the human will remember his incarnations. Only after this METAMORPHOSIS you will be near to the light and the truth. You will seek this process. This all will happen stepwise in order to avoid chaos.  

A new phase of your METAMORPHOSIS has commenced already. It is graduated in several steps in time, every step comprises twelve signs that you will recognize. Some signs have already been recognized by you. You remember pyramides, Christ’s information, natural disasters, circles in the fields, and many other symbols that come from other dimensions. May your general way of thinking be incited by this, so that you (will) discern the true sense of your being/existence and draw near to creation again. Should you in a (some) time recognize the sign of the spiral, we are (will be) very close to you. It is the key to all dimensions. 

The METAMORPHOSIS is underway. Separate electromagnetic energy forms will coordinate with the human psyche and take it over. The human will identify himself with the existing and the still to be developed appliances and (will) learn that computers possess intellect/mind. This intellect/mind will survive the human’s psyche on terra. All this will happen soon. You, dear friends, will be protected by the aura field. Please join/unite in the river of eternity and love, so that the Atlantic experience may not catch you up. You have already received all this information. The humans of that time comprehended little. Since you are ahead of your time, you now have advantages.  

The metamorphosis (change of form) sometimes is designated also as transformation (remodelling) and is repeatedly mentioned in the Homes contacts. Possibly the mentioned signs and details can be overlooked or interpreted in a different sense. Normally such upheavals pass off in spaces of time that are considerably longer than a man’s life. Sounds like science fiction already the mentioned prediction that with intellect/mind gifted computers would replace the humans on earth. With all prophecies has to be borne in mind that they are probabilities whose realization is ‚written in the stars’. Also many predictions referring to the progression of ITC have not come true, and to these sometimes scarcely convincing ‚explanations’ appeared, or the subject was not taken up again.

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