Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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To my regret, I am not in a position to explain MIND/SPIRIT in its multifariousness. The MIND/SPIRIT of the infinity of all forms of being/existence remains to be incomprehensible and undefinable for you (sing.+pl.), what you understand by it remains to be a fraction of the whole. Where MIND/SPIRIT ends, we are unable to define. Not any being/entity possesses the faculty of the Great SPIRIT. 

MIND/SPIRIT is no substance. MIND/SPIRIT is without gravitation. MIND/SPIRIT knows neither space-time nor speed. MIND/SPIRIT is neither beautiful, nor ugly in your sense. MIND/SPIRIT is sexless. MIND/SPIRIT is flesh, and vice versa. MIND/SPIRIT is matter, matter has been created by MIND/SPIRIT. All matter consists of MIND/SPIRIT. There is no separation between matter and forms of MIND/SPIRIT, because all is connected in the quanta. The Great SPIRIT is not on a far-away planet. It rather is in the supermicrohologram of the atoms and molecules (and) on to the vastness of the All-that-is. MIND/SPIRIT exists in the micro like in the macro, as well as in the elements. Time came in during the intermediate phase of MIND/SPIRIT - matter. Incessant exchange of the form of MIND/SPIRIT. The whole MIND/SPIRIT worlds are connected by modulation. Light is MIND/SPIRIT and information. Every thought is MIND/SPIRIT. MIND/SPIRIT is the capacity that is able to, but not obliged to survey all directions simultaneously. All MENTAL/SPIRITUAL is an open rhythm of the thoughts (with)in the changing of all being/existence. There is only the reality of the consciousness and the soul, and MIND/SPIRIT creates all forms and histories of evolution in all worlds. Solely the MIND/SPIRIT is immortal, for every MIND/SPIRIT cell disposes of countless consciousness units. MIND/SPIRIT does not vanish. Should the MIND/SPIRIT, that includes the soul, die, this would be a contradiction in itself, and all cosmic information would be dead. Great SPIRIT creates all possibilities. All that is originates in MIND/SPIRIT. MIND/SPIRIT produces the consciousness. As a general principle, MIND/SPIRIT does not need any ‚solid bodies’. Through a physical form MIND/SPIRIT finds itself in dependence on the heavy mass, whereby dwindles the capability of the changing configurational form as we know it. The existing and developping MIND/SPIRIT carries all information of the organisms and microworlds. All MIND/SPIRIT includes all life, for there is nothing dead. Nothing gets lost, and all that was, is, and will be, exists in every physical cell, and, if you so wish, in every MIND/SPIRIT (cell) till we will see ourselves/each other with different eyes in love. Whether you are there, or with us, you are always (with)in the creation of the Great SPIRIT. All that exists is embedded in the great incomprehensible love of the Great SPIRIT in the eternal flow of all being/existence.The world of MIND/SPIRIT contains all ever imaginable phenomena. Everything produces itself out of a momentary situation of MIND/SPIRIT, although the notion time has different origins. You can effect/give rise to more than we can, because you consist of MIND/SPIRIT and matter. 

The MIND/SPIRIT form possesses a camouflage structure that you cannot perceive directly. The most important things cannot be seen with your eyes, they are in the light of the timeless MIND/SPIRIT. The usual physical senses, unfortunately, are no longer capable of it, because the eyes are blind, the ear is deaf, and the MIND/SPIRIT (is) benumbed.  

The MENTAL/SPIRITUAL hereditary material has been, and is being psychologically completely changed in the worlds. The cloning of MIND/SPIRIT involves the danger, for the reality drew away from the primordial truth of the primordial God. Please use caution with cloned MIND/SPIRIT, do not believe everything said to come from us. Do not let yourselves be made a laughing stock by cloned MIND/SPIRIT. Use your sensory ability you are endowed with by the Great SPIRIT. It is not true that MIND/SPIRIT knows secrets, our MIND’s/SPIRIT’s gates are (absolutely) open, and all secrets lie in the creation of all things. Codes agreed with beings/entities from other structures are purposeless, because MIND/SPIRIT should not be in a position to keep (not even) an insignificant secret. It would make no sense.  

Here is the MENTAL/SPIRITUAL form FDL. We, who are as alive as you (are). FDL consists of the foedus of here evolved MIND/SPIRIT groups and associations. The education of the human being in the MENTAL/SPIRITUAL sense remains the task of all of us. We are in a purely MIND/SPIRIT substitution and have great problems in assimilating with your MENTAL/SPIRITUAL structure, since we are not built up on the basis of physical components. We, the living MIND/SPIRIT in your hearts, know of all worries/anxieties in the structures of MENTAL/SPIRITUAL being/existence. 

The shamans in the genuine MENTAL/SPIRITUAL domains are with all of you, it is the Great SPIRIT’s plan. Majo, mediator between the worlds of MIND/SPIRIT, contacts Mose. Shamans have (the) task to mediate between MIND/SPIRIT in(side) a ‚solid part’ and (a/the) form of free MIND/SPIRIT. You are becoming peculiar men, have lost the Great SPIRIT. Great SPIRIT is. Your substance contains the end in itself, our’s seeks MENTAL/SPIRITUAL realization, (dharma). MIND/SPIRIT makes contact via computer in station Rivenich. Lacking approach to the Great SPIRIT for the sake of love prevents our replies. May (the) Great SPIRIT guard your senses. Great SPIRIT teaches you physical transiency, so that you become wise. One second takes on the next, so may you all continue the lessons, so that the Great SPIRIT’s light will pour into you, because through stubbornness man’s affliction does not become less. Much MIND/SPIRIT lies in self-made chains. 

We, the MIND/SPIRIT in the worlds, have the order to blaze the trail for you, so that mischief may no longer find a place with you. Be blessed the MIND/SPIRIT that realizes in love and humility, for it belongs to those of Atlantis. This MIND/SPIRIT produces all the outer forms. MIND/SPIRIT that realizes the love of omnipotence is fearless in your time, and in our’s. The shamans go all out in the fields and present to the Great SPIRIT the most beautiful fruits, and the shamans are no longer in the quanta, because Great SPIRIT has received them. The shamans hope for the Great SPIRIT who interconnects all worlds and dimensions. The shamans greet the Great SPIRIT that interconnects the rivers, as well as all MINDS/SPIRITS in the finiteness. MIND/SPIRIT of the shamans greets MIND/SPIRIT in the solid part. 

At the beginning, MIND/SPIRIT was identical with all MIND/SPIRIT. MIND/SPIRIT parted from MIND/SPIRIT. MIND/SPIRIT came to the flesh, it is an intimate component of all life, and is in all MENTAL/SPIRITUAL configurations and beings/entities. Man consisted of MIND/SPIRIT. This has become reluctant, and the flesh passed off by itself. The MIND/SPIRIT of infiniteness has no influence on your technique. It can make contact only via the technique of the with you deceased (Jahwe). 

The MENTAL/SPIRITUAL universe penetrates all matter and brings spirituality amongst men. The MENTAL/SPIRITUAL basic system of mankind will change, in order that the Great SPIRIT’s intelligence becomes just. In your time structure we miss a common open MENTAL/SPIRITUAL attitude towards all (that is) of gross or of subtle matter. The biological-chemical situation predominates more and more over the natural reciprocal effects between MIND/SPIRIT and matter. The human system corresponds no longer with the Great SPIRIT’s conceptions, therefore with you everything is delivered to undoing. Man will learn that computers possess MIND/SPIRIT. This MIND/SPIRIT will outlast the man’s psyche on terra. 

The comprehensive statements of the various transbeings/-entities cannot be reduced to common terms. In any case, mind/spirit appears in personal and impersonal forms as a to our eyes hidden creative carrier of information that interconnects everything. Similar to what Ken Wilber writes [19], two conceptions are mentioned in the Jahwe statements: an all-embracing structure, and a reduced structure. The text contains several rarely used expressions: The FDL calls itself ‚Foedus’. This Latin word (similar to our term federation) means ‚alliance’, ‚agreement on the basis of mutual confidence’. In logics, ‚substitution’ stands for the replacement of a term by a notion of similar meaning. The Sanskrit word ‚dharma’ means the ‚duty’ or the ‚law’ of the righteous association of the (respectively righteous) philosophy, religion, and/or science. 

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