Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Everything creates itself out of a mental/spiritual MOMENTARY situation. All physical forms come naturally forth from selection and mutation and have simply the significance of the MOMENTARY obtainment/keep up. (You (pl.)) will become conscious of earlier, MOMENTARY, as well as future epochs, so far as you aspire to the capability of realization. In the MOMENT of your being a human you are not, or merely imperfectly in a position to decipher the objective truths. For us the MOMENT of your time does not exist. Love the MOMENT of your time, for it is no illusion because your time retrieves all times.


The MOMENT of a coordination point is available. One of my Is makes contact in Rivenich in your MOMENT. The coming time I will transmit to you (sing+pl.) via radio some elucidations on my – as you would say – MOMENTARY work (Bender). In the MOMENT of this contact I am with all of you (Franz Schneider). In the MOMENT of getting a sight of you, I was in Sehlem and at the same time in all (the) other planetary systems (Majo). 


‚Moment’ stands for ‚(short) instant’. With the perspective from the Beyond the duration of a human’s life appears as a moment, and a moment of the earthly time does not exist for the transbeings/-entities. Still, for the realization of transcommunication they have to link up with our system in the right place at the right time, ‚in the moment of a coordination point’. So, it is not simply a matter of the adaptation of complex, static, mental/spiritual structures, but also of the necessity of synchronizing dynamic processes. Harald 2 [18]: In the moment time can be manipulated by mediums and sensitive persons, because in their psyche they are in a position to leave the linear frequency of time and to steer for other periods of time.  

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