Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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All what is, is MULTIDIMENSIONAL, you (pl.) are so, too. Nevertheless, we all belong to the MULTIDIMENSIONAL creative power. Every being/entity in the MULTIDIMENSIONAL sphere co-determines the changes that you experience as natural phenomena in a productive manner. All is, and will be called into existence by a MULTIDIMENSIONAL continual form of existence of all beings/entities in all worlds and on all levels, consequently also by our, as well as by your acting. Anywhere (somehow) everyone of you realizes that your being/existence depends upon an other MULTIDIMENSIONAL reality dimension. The slightest recognition in respect of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL may/can have greater effects than the biggest physical brain. The realization of the MULTIDIMENSIONALITY means for the (realizing) one that he is staying in dimensions where he has grasped the invulnerability of the soul.


Your at the moment alarming situation bases upon the fact that you have not in the least understood the normal tasks and the continual revivals/renovations in the MULTIDIMENSIONAL sense . The human’s situation needs a lot of new information about other higher MULTIDIMENSIONAL realities. Mind that the love to the MULTIDIMENSIONAL general being/existence may/can influence your reality very positively.


We are a MULTIDIMENSIONAL form of consciousness without names for entities without name. We feel your actions MULTIDIMENSIONALLY, and not three-dimensionally like you (do). The human thinking organ in its complexity of 10 power 11 neurons is not in a position to experience a MULTIDIMENSIONAL cosmos. All that happens to you, as well as to us, makes sense in the worlds, because we all are MULTIDIMENSIONAL parts of what constitutes all universes. Everyone of you is composed of a MULTIDIMENSIONAL self. The notions psyche, consciousness and soul signify MULTIDIMENSIONALITY. Due to the transformation at the passing, in connection with a MULTIDIMENSIONALITY in respect of earlier life, we could also speak of (a) partial consciousness. The tiniest piece of apparently unimportant information makes sense under a MULTIDIMENSIONAL view, and may/can thus be part of the primordial plan of creation.  

Under ‚Dimension’ already have been mentioned the difficulties that exist in giving an unambiguous, plain definition of this notion. Consequently also multidimensionality eludes an exact grasp – one should in no case refer it inconsiderately to mathematical-physical dimensions. Appears to be comprehensible rather a structure as conceived by Heim-Droescher [9] wherein eight of twelve ‚dimensions’ can be given well acquainted meanings. A plausible interpretation lies in the ‚multidimensional’ multiplicity of the influences that contribute to a specific effect - in contrast with the simple (mono-)causality that reduces an effect to one single cause. In other respects ‚multidimensionality’ is an easy-going commonplace under which one may/can also imagine, for example, the complexity of mental/spiritual structures, such as psyche, consciousness, soul.

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