Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Whatever name the humans may give me: I am who I am (Jahwe). The Great Spirit has several NAMES on terra. (We are) a multidimensional form of consciousness without names for beings/entities without NAMES. At the beginning and the termination (of an incarnation) all are NAMEless. Your (sing.+ pl.) brain needs NAMES. You wonder at the giving of NAMES, but only this way we can make ourselves understandable for you. A designation with NAME(S) cannot be filtered unmistakably from the total of our transmissions, because the being/entity has innumerable information stores at its disposal, and always an emotional way is aspired to. Knowledge artists on your side create pseudo beings/entities, cloned spirits that are given NAMES by you. 

Although you (sing.) meanwhile have many NAMES, our identification sign shall be „Juenken“ (pet form of ‚little boy’) (Mother). – „Do you have a NAME ?“ No, no NAME. „Did you never have a NAME ?“ No. (I) am the Buehler Boden (Boden from town Buehl). – I have no NAME because the head of two humans decided for my physical death. – Konstantina, here without NAME, greets you (pl.). 

The in Rivenich realized transinformation contains clear warnings regarding the unreflected use of transnames - stumbling-stones for many a reader of this periodical, in particular in those cases concerning prominent figures. Regrettably, so far no suggestion for improvement has come from any side. The transbeings/-entities vest themselves with names, what else should they do ? As far as contacts with deceased are concerned, the earthly partners expect an identification, and for establishing such, the simplest form is a name. In the Beyond there may be malevolent ‚types’, as well as such fond of scoffing and making feints. At the best, one may recognize them by their fruits. It will always remain a matter of belief and confidence and – if one wishes to use this word – it speaks for the ‚seriosity’ of the partners when they make plain being aware of these problems. In the cases of those appearing as extraterrestrians, we anyhow have neither possibilities of control, nor means for such, they can hide themselves behind any names, or not-names without revealing their identity. 

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