Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Notion  (also: term, conception, idea) 

All empirical values in cosmogony are considered as incomplete, because every dimension knows different NOTIONS and truths. NOTIONS live and always seek their like. Not any of all our NOTIONS has a beginning, nor an end, for everything is flowing. The self of the general consciousness does not know any disconnectedness. In the end there is no NOTION (that defines) where the one begins, and the other ends. For the energy collective FDL all NOTIONS near to reality are merely probabilities, and no system is correct or wrong, they all are just different. In this sense, and due to the different time NOTION of existing solely in the now, our logic and possibility of conception is an other than your’s. The physical brain is not capable of conceiving these things. It is not always easy for the groups over here to furnish you (pl.) the information right for the humans, since over here many (of your) NOTIONS have a completely different meaning, sometimes even not any. Trying to represent the things (in a manner) for you understandable, I use simple NOTIONS, and will try to answer your questions from my viewpoint, although several NOTIONS are difficult to transmit, since the by me developed letters as such do not set off any information. Only through your thoughts and feeling information can come off. Already at this point, misunderstandings can arrive. 

Doubt and check the information, because 90 percent of all your (pl.) NOTIONS are falsified. We create our NOTION of omnipotence based on individual reason, knowledge, and probabilities. The NOTION ‚brother’ has to be understood in the spiritual sense, since me too, I am your brother. The NOTION ‚energy form’ does not unambiguously correspond to our reality. The NOTION ‚high spirits’ signifies a by you produced error, for spirit is neither high nor low. From our viewpoint also the NOTION para-normality is not conceived correctly by you. The NOTIONS ‚psyche’, ‚consciousness’, and ‚soul’ signify multidimensionality. IDEA of numbers (is) futile, IDEA of time (is) troublesome. 

The (verbal) communication of two systems bases upon the use of notions whose respective meanings are differently defined, that obstruct a perfectly matching translation, and cause a big number of misunderstandings. The complexity of the in advance set nets of associatively formed conceptions obstructs their swift immediate intellectual adoption. In case the contacts are of sufficient intensity, the slow adaptation is mainly a task of the less complex system, that must be capable of calling, and prepared to call the rather narrow, frequently rigid definitions of its notions into question, and to take over previously unknown, rather fluent meanings.  

These reflections are of general validity in the interpersonal domain. They become of particular weight in transcommunication. When following the contents of the predominantly one-sided contacts, the occurrences in Rivenich appear as an attempt of different kinds of transbeings/-entities to induce the receivers of their impulses to change their worldviews, and to motivate them for a more dynamic life with more extensive knowledge, and a more flexible deportment.

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