Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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This system has been created at a ‚time’ for you unimaginably long ago. It is a matter of for you supernatural OMNIPOTENCES that you call also God. GOD’S OMNIPOTENCE is beyond all possibilities of expression, and (even) your deepest realization remains limited. OMNIPOTENCE remains an enigma, countless ways lead, not bound to time, into the light. The pure SPIRITUALITY OF AN OMNIPOTENCE that admits every principle, stands above the to us known light energies that penetrate all physical and psychical forms. The NATURAL LAWS OF OMNIPOTENCE created the free will of all life. The OMNIPOTENCE OF THE CREATOR means All-that-what-is: the tear of the crying child, the singing of the bird, the leaf on the tree, the heart beating in expectation of the things (to come), the thundering of the clouds chafing each other, as well as the hoping and praying of the sad ones in the worlds. 

The LOVE OF ONMIPOTENCE is in everything. In this love it is foreseen that all passes off. But every mind/spirit that God created is eternally maintained. The kindness and the love of OMNIPOTENCE makes the light of eternal affection shine in the souls. The OMNIPOTENCE that loves us absolutely, will also give us the force/power to recognize the path that brings us together. We can be everywhere, even within OMNIPOTENCE, for OMNIPOTENCE is within all of us. Our task is to accompany you in the name of OMNIPOTENCE, so that the original godly love interconnects everything. Create the planet of love, like creation foresees it in the sense of the OMNIPOTENCE-INTELLIGENCE. The mind/spirit of those loving merges into the eternal LIGHT OF OMNIPOTENCE. 

With ‚omnipotence’ and ‚omnipotences’ is accosted the paramount, actively creative, godly principle of the (all) embracing All-what-is. ‚Intelligence’ and love are ascribed to the personified omnipotence, love that lets come forth, and evanesce, in polarity, and that unites all the mental/spiritual up to the definite merging into the for us unconceivable timelessness, wherein all is united since ever already.

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