Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Order - Chaos 

ORDER creates CHAOS, and vice versa. The creator’s fundamental ORDER permits many facets. The respective mental/spiritual general structure of the admitted ORDER produces the system. The human, and all in all universes, are subject to the same ORDER. Variance in the (a) far distance from the primordial Godly always brings CHAOS, even if meant ever so well.  

Everything contains everything. Your ORDER is a by you (pl.) produced error. The process of your present being/existence gets you more and more into side worlds that you also name CHAOS. It is time to establish ORDER, otherwise your technique will become fatal for you. The new ORDER shall come forth. The new ORDER will come about stepwise in order to avoid CHAOS. In the time of change/transformation many chaotic states are (will be) prevalent. Love creates the new universe in the CHAOS. Bear this information within you and connect/unite yourselves with it.  

Order and chaos – another example for bivalent logic. In any case it is a matter of the structure (or lack of structure) of systems. To the Greeks the cosmos appeared to be a harmonious system, and Kepler was not searching physical laws, he seeked the harmony of the worlds. The old world was put to order through the laws of nature that the creator had ‚built in’. This conception is many times given expression in the Homes texts, and it is supplemented by the relativizing theses according to which the occurrences can only be seized on as probabilities that realize only through their observation, consequently are provoked by the consciousness.

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