Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The usual physical senses, regrettably, have no more the ability of PERCEIVING the mental/spiritual. Also from our side, (it is) not (possible) to methodize all FORMS OF PERCEPTION. Also the by us perceivable is merely a fraction. Our mental/spiritual power of radiation is able to perceive every of your thoughts. We perceive your thoughts as light patterns. My FORM OF PERCEPTION is richer than yours (pl.). I can perceive you (sing.+pl.) in (my) mind.

The extra-sensory PERCEPTION digresses from the human’s normality. It does not admit coincidence. Despite of all negative occurrences, all life in all dimensions is concerned with the abilities of inner PERCEPTION. Those who receive – as you believe – paranormal impulses from for you not yet definable structural forms, know of their faculty by opening their souls in meditation, as well as of the recognizing of inner cosmic PERCEPTION. All mediumistic streams end in the primordial source of all realities, that in turn are to be put down to all PERCEPTIONS. Have confidence in your inner PERCEPTION. 

All our messages to you represent a kind of higher modulation, no matter in what form you (pl.) PERCEIVE it. The contact to you exists as well when you do not PERCEIVE it via your devices. The shamans in the for you not perceivable nature continue to be within you, if you allow it.  

Outer and inner perception (‚attention’) join in the consciousness, the outer relates to the outer world’s objects in space-time, the inner (intuitive) to experiences (feelings, consciousness contents) of the inner world. When looking at both more precisely, this distinction becomes questionable: at the bottom there are solely inner events or experiences, actually, the outer world can be perceived and realized only within the psyche. With that, the orientation and focussing of the attention plays an important role, and is comparable with a pocket torche that throws light on various partial sections of a, for the rest, dark room. This also explains some humans’ inability to perceive structures in the Beyond: because of their prejudices they are unable or unwilling to direct their attention correspondingly, and they prefer to claim these were irrealities. 

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