Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Virtually, the notion ‚physics’ is out of place here. In fact this is an attempt of elucidating a bit several of the physical terms used in the transmessages, and in ‚esoterics’, or ‚spiritism’, in a confusing manner. This article comprises around a dozen alphabetically sorted subsections beginning with ‚atom’ and ending with ‚time’. Some notions appear only in this compilation, others also as more detailedly dealt with basic notions in the full text of this special publication.

Everything consists of ATOMS, fractaly is the bedrock of all elements’ existence. ATOMS are travellers that cannot be stopped by anything. Continuous disappearing and emerging of ATOMS brings new life in every form. The more resembling ATOMS become, the more similar they become in all lives in all the universes. Dying is not possible anywhere, for all consists of ATOMS. The subtle matter behind the subATOMic dimensions is not accessible to us.

The uncommon notion ‚fractaly’ means the rather recently disclosed ‚self-resemblance’ of structures that reproduce themselves with minor deviations across many orders of magnitude. First it was a matter of computerized graphic representations of specific equations, but soon it showed that such repetitions of patterns can be found in nature. The term ‚atom’ is not necessarily to be understood in the physical sense.

Our electromagnetical fields are not known to you (pl.). They are a for you inexistent sphere/domain of radiation energies, and are not subject to absorption.

The different nature of the electromagnetic fields ‚in the Beyond’ has been indicated already under the heading „Electromagnetics".

Primordial mental/spiritual structures possess (their) own energies, an everything permeating form of creative powers. Information and energy are fundamental elements that never end. Love is the purest form of energy. Tachyons are pure energy forms. Energy quanta that, from the universe, penetrate into the human’s psyche are merely a very tiny part of the godly order in the All-that-exists. From the coordination points for you and your science not provable pure positive energy quanta enter into the universe, and thus also into the psyche of active humans. These energy quanta cannot be brought forth by you. They are rather the origin of all consciousness.

The worn out term ‚energy’ has already been furnished with detailed commentary. It is presumed that the ‚pure energy quanta’ are of psychic nature, it is a term whose implications/significance is absolutely unclear, if one does not wish to interprete is as ‚information units’.

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Our frequency has nothing to do with your electromagnetic waves. These light spectra, these frequencies, then appear with you as acoustic signals, or possibly also as optical signals.

Frequency represents itself as a chameleon. In a few cases only the physical definition is meant, for the rest it is a matter of a pseudonymus for the complexity and ability of reaction of mental structures.

Mind/spirit is GRAVITATIONless. Telepathic communication consists in the exchange of thoughts and feelings through acceleration without GRAVITATION(al) circumstances. Our GRAVITATION is 10 B/milliards (am. B/billions) times higher than yours, by which time is obliterated with us. Our vibrations are measurable in SPACES FREE OF GRAVITATION FIELDS. You are not in a position to produce FIELDS free of gravitation. This is in the sense of your being/existence. – I had already gone into gravitation in context, in Berlin in 1920 (Einstein). In a contact with station Rivenich the to you known gravitational situations are changed by us, so that in the quantum vacuum electromagnetic forms can be produced that reach all appliances in Rivenich. (This is a matter of) gravitationfree, explosion-like, mentally existing FORMS.

We here find an interesting indication whose appearance we owe to an initiative by Dr. Vladimir Delavre. There are several hypotheses according to which - for the present hypothetical - ,gravitation waves, or gravitons that constitute information, are superordinate to our electromagnetic processes. In whatever way the connections may be described, the statement ‚In a contact with station Rivenich the to you known gravitational situations are changed by us, so that in the quantum vacuum electromagnetic forms can be produced that reach all appliances in Rivenich’ is meaningfully interpretable. It also attunes the ideas of Nobel prize winner Eccles, who was able to evidence that the brain is sufficiently sensitive to transpose fluctuations in the quantum sphere into our neurophysiology [4].

Light is mind/spirit and information. Light energies permeate all physical and psychic forms. For you not measurable light does not consist of electromagnetic radiation. It has nothing to do with your electromagnetic waves. We are faster than your light propagation. (We) perceive (the) aura field of 11 11 1935 (birth of Adolf Homes) through light quanta.

Light is mind/spirit and information and has nothing to do with physics, although our electromagnetic forms could represent a transition from the information space into our space-time, with which the unending (transfinite) speed would have to be reduced to the speed of light.

(In our world) photons replace (the) missing atoms, light spectra contain the atoms. Photons replace missing atom. The new physics and the technique of the photons have made these contacts possible.

A by Adolf Homes (in writing) mediated transdialogue, that took place mainly between Dr. V. Delavre and Group 2109, apparently passed on a kind of reflection of our conceptions about the connections/relations of physical light and atoms. In our view photons (‚tiny light particles’), are sent out by the atoms and received by them. Transgroup 2109 stated ‚light spectra contain atoms’. In a later interpretation this statement makes only sense, if one interprets the light spectra as information structures that (among others) also constitute the atoms.

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Your physics and logic were changed through manipulation. Occupation with metaphysics important. We do not exist according to your physics. Our physical laws separate in essentials from yours. The commonnesses between your and our physical laws lie in the cosmic natural laws. We, a group of physicists and others, work with equipment/plants on our side. Your success of acoustic TC is only conditionally dependent on your physical knowledge.

Metaphysics (‚above or behind nature’), as a ‚philosophic theory of the ultimate causes and connections/coherences of being/existence’, points to beyond the physics of nature into the domains of the metaphysical and transcendental. Modern criticism endeavours to show that metaphysical words are nonsensical, and metaphysical problems are fictitious ones. Perhaps also the repeated statement of those in the Beyond that they were working on the development of appliances and with plants, puts us before a fictitious problem. It is open to question what benefit these ‚appliances’ should be able to bring, since even the devices on our side are of secondary importance. But the development in the Beyond may also be interpreted as mental one, so that, one day, these apparatus would be made available to us indirectly (through the mediation of the corresponding ideas).

Group 2109 exists beyond of the so-called quanta. We, the living information in the cosmic quanta, greet you. This information has been in the forms of the quanta in the non-space-time since 4.7.1681 (July 4th, 1681). The (this) projection has been in the quanta of non-space-time since 17.1.1991 (Jan. 17th, 1991). A transmission by us is effected via quantum-electric reception (a neologism coined in the Beyond) in Rivenich. Contacts arise in the vacuum of quanta of the dimensions. We, too, are not conscious of a finality of all that comes into being/existence, because the spectrum of quanta does not appear to be possible to have an overview of it. Quantum technique/technology is not perfect.

‚Quanta’ (with us ‚smallest energy quantities’) are here – like the other pseudophysically used terms – an adaptation to modern conceptions. In theoretical physics the ‚vacuum of quanta’ is discussed as a ‚carrier’ or ‚primary cause’ of all material structures.

Mind/spirit knows neither space-time, nor speed. Space and time are illusions. The space-time system and its nature/make-up are valid only for you, your physical being/existence. You see a space that does not exist. Your space-time conception is adapted to your consciousness system, therefore an empty room appears empty to you, although countless beings/entities, buildings and landscapes can/may be staying in it. Many other consciousness forms are present (with)in your living room/space now, but there is only one possibility for being perceived. We have no space-time. We have no influence on your space-time structure. I am on a non-space-time level. I leave the space-time system and greet you all. A global attitude towards what you (sing.) cannot perceive, nor comprehend with your sensory organs, allows the contacts over light-years.

It has often been stressed that space and time are useful as eidetic forms of our mind/spirit for mastering life. On the other hand, f.i., remote perception indicates that the human mind/spirit is able to overcome distances in space and time on an informatory way. Remains unclear whether, straight away, from this a significant connection with the physical ‚non-locality’ can be construed, according to which selected elementary structures momentarily act reciprocally with one another, independently from their distance. The remark ‚over light-years’ was called forth by queries raised after an unknown being/entity had stated it were‚ 2.4 million light-years away’.

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Vibrations do not exist in linear form, but in innumerable probabilities and possibilities of the living consciousness. All physical can be transformed into an other form of vibration through the molecules adopting a new structure.

The presumably most important comprehensible definition has been given to the term ‚psychic-mental/spiritual vibrations’. All the further physically oriented attempts of interpretation, with the inclusion of the afore mentioned ‚gravitation waves’, are hypothetical.

Non-electromagnetic radiation connects everything. The cause (of a transcontact) is a meeting of existing, actually different, RADIATION (through) psychic coordination. This so-called radiation, the light, is emitted with you as a sound (or light). – Quasars enable contact via your instruments. The radiation of quasars, pulsars, or other cosmic objects, has a merely indirect relation to the influence upon the earthly appliances for transcommunication.

Here radiation is identified with light, in the expanded sense as information. The mentioning of the cosmic objects refers to a question put by Dr. V. Delavre after a transbeing/-entity had claimed that quasars (extremely strong cosmic radiation sources) would enable contact via our instruments. All this continues to be enigmatical.

The universe, as a general principle, consists in a reciprocal action of subtle matter and of coarse matter. Space and time must be skipped (for realizing) the contact: dynamics of interaction.

In the dialogues with Claudius [14], mediated by Franz Schneider in full trance condition, Claudius indicated the prime importance of the reciprocal effects. They are an indispensable consequence of the unity of all occurrences with(in) one another. In ITC the psychophysical reciprocal effects, that put the informative coupling between the operator’s psyche and his electronic devices across, play a particular role. The repeatedly appearing term ‚subtle-matter’ has not been defined.

Every time concept consists of continuous information. The illusion of your time is a being captive of further illusions, pls. see under „time".

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