Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The mind/spirit of the primeval God creates souls and worlds in psychical as well as PHYSICAL structures and forms. All PHYSICAL serves the mental/spiritual. The almighty grace permeates all PHYSICAL and psychical forms in the universe. All PHYSICAL forms come forth according to nature through selection and mutation, and have merely the import of momentary upkeep. Your physical existence arranges itself within a probability dimension of realization and maturation. The difference between man and mind/spirit consists only in the removal of PHYSIQUE. Also other reality systems, that are unknown to us, are not liable to any PHYSICAL forms.

All PHYSICAL expectation is in service to the maintenance of the kind. Your (sing.) descent from the animal is insignificant, although PHYSICAL-anatomically you resemble the animal. At the bottom of realization you (pl.) are exactly as unPHYSICAL as we (are). Great Spirit teaches you PHYSICAL transiency/mortality so that you will become sage. All PHYSICAL may/can be transformed into an other form of vibration through the molecules adopting a new structure. Nothing gets lost, and all that was, is, and will be, is within every PHYSICAL cell.

Consider that there is no PHYSICAL body in information. For us the PHYSICAL possesses no identity, but the mind/spirit (does). Your PHYSICAL form represents a kind of silhouette. We do not perceive your PHYSICAL things because we are mental/spiritual. We have little influence upon your PHYSICAL processes. The PHYSICAL brain has no ability of comprehension for understanding the structures in the Beyond. The usual PHYSICAL senses dazzle the facts that you (sing.) also will not understand. Many of us are able to adopt (a) PHYSICAL form. My (Majo’s) transformation into a PHYSICAL man composes of a series of psychological-mental/spiritual forms, like the words that you can read, or hear from me. The shamans are the friends of your being/existence, for many of us are living among you in a PHYSICAL body.

Concentrated energy creates patterns and forms. At this, well directed specific ideas may/can adopt pseudoPHYSICAL form. Therefore, part of you may/can be in the whole universe without that you are conscious of it. The mental/spiritual hereditary material was, and is, psychologically completely changed in the worlds, through which also the PHYSICAL reduces, and monsters develop that build extermination weapons from all/any natural elements.

‚Physique’ and ‚physical’, in the origin ‚nature’, are closely related with the notions ‚matter’ and ‚material(ly)’. The text contains some known conceptions, like when our physique is called a silhouette, we ourselves are as unphysical as those in the Beyond, and concentrated energy can adopt (or produce) a pseudophysical form. Of interest is the description given for the formation of in transcommunication appearing physical words, according to which they are a result of transformations in a series of psychological-mental/spiritual forms. The use of the term ‚series’ (in other communications: ‚chain’, ‚ladder’, ‚straircase’) indicates a stepwise transformation of information till this reaches our consciousnous structures in a reduced (or filtered) form.

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