Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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The laws produced by the mind/spirit bestowed upon the human a PLANET that is worth living (on it). Everything that is part of the life on your (pl.) PLANET, on principle, comes forth in all dimensions. (The) PLANET earth (is only a) tiny atom (in the universe).

A for you invisible world already had a high line of evolution on your PLANET. Some of them were in a position to save themselves physically as well as psychically, and exist on other PLANETS. They are no more in a position to live on your PLANET because they are no more able to adapt themselves. But they have great interest in exploring your PLANET again.

Many to you unknown higher entities were of physical nature in times past. They lived on other to you unknown PLANETS which they then destroyed due to their ignorance. A new PLANET Phaeton took over from Mars what existed. The process founds upon a mental/spiritual basis, for mind/spirit reigns over matter. The destructive conditions/states are repeating since umpteen thousand times, also on other PLANETS and (in other) systems. The earthly man is no more in a position to save his PLANET lastingly. From 1990 onwards, humanoid beings, as you call them, will look after the PLANET earth. On the telepathic contacts of other life on to you not yet known PLANETS we have little influence.

(The) FDL (makes contact) for Rivenich and friends on self-selected PLANET terra. The system that was brought forth by you, although in the most extended sense, and on other PLANETS, produces the system circulatory of the evanescent. A continuously increasing intelligence of understanding and of love returns to your PLANET. Our request to you is to identify yourselves with all life that exists on it. Bring the PLANET of love about, as the creation foresees in the sense of the almighty intelligence.

Naturally, the here presented information regarding the history previous to our settlement on this ‚self-selected’ planet, is not verifiable. Within the scope of the Homes communications (and of many others) the existence of inhabited planets is implied as constitutional, though (fortunately) without descriptions regarding the milieu. A positive view on the future is brought up against the repeatedly deplored negative conditions on earth.

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