Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Presence – Past

One only molecule of the soul contains the entirety of the primordial information wherein every past, presence, and future meet. For me there is no past, presence, future. They join logically (on the third level). In the moment of a (trans)contact, the open probabilities past, PRESENCE, and future are suspended and will convey to you (pl.) unthought-of abilities of inner perception. The FDL comes from your future and (from your) past for helping you in your PRESENCE. – Although you (sing.) cannot see me, I am always present. I am the connecting link between your present-time consciousness and your future one, in spite of my telling you that past, presence and future do not exist (guardian spirit Jan). Regrettably I am not in a position to explain the mind/spirit in its manifoldness of PRESENCES, not even nearly, because your system does not comprehend it.  

Augustinus spoke of the presence of past, presence, and future. By this he presumably wanted to emphasize the sole existence of the presence that, according to many transmessages, is more distinct in the consciousness structures of the deceased than it is with us. In an interview with Rainer Holbe, Friedrich Juergenson called the deceased ‚grown up children’ who live (only) in the ‚moment of their time’. Accordingly ‚the past’ possesses a manner of being/existence non-proper, under every time new aspects it is constructed and varied anew from parts of the stored memories. The deceased appear to have considerable difficulties in remembering and communicating exact dates of their earthly life.

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