Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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PROBABILITY is no illusion. Every imaginable PROBABILITY is at any time in a position to become present. Your (pl.) physical being/existence organizes/manages itself in a PROBABILITY dimension of cognition and maturing, in order to find the dimension of reality. Only the realization of PROBABILITIES enables the psyche to advance to other reality systems. Regarding the creative formings, it is a case of all PROBABILITIES. Your forms of reality are all just probable, and not definitive. All your PROBABILITIES always represent one of innumerable realities. All your close-to-reality conceptions are just PROBABILITIES. All your theories are probable, not definitive. All the human’s values of everlastingness stem from the decisions made by the conscience of those acting, and from the dimensions of PROBABILITY and REALITY of all life. In the systems you call ‚this world’ and ‚the Beyond’ exist an immense number of other systems and PROBABILITIES. 

The space-time feeling conceals the (mental/spiritual) things, they become improbable. For us, your life means PROBABILITY of an almighty reality without a conception of time. A lot of information is still needed in order to approach a probable truth. Open PROBABILITIES, past, presence, and future are done away with in the moment (of a transcontact), and they will convey to you unthought-of faculties of inner perception. Please, open yourselves for the new forms of PROBABILITY of a genuine system that I am now learning to know. All this appears improbable to you, because it is abstract. 

‚Probability’ (‚resemblence with truth’), in mathematics, has a fairly defined meaning as a calculable magnitude. In daily life one works with subjective probabilities that ‚found on knowledge’ (better: on ignorance!). Similar to fuzzy logic – but not identical with this – probability describes the occurrences of our world more to the point than every form of certainty. In the Homes contacts the notion probability gains supreme importance: it is no illusion.

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