Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Religious conceptions, in the main, are superrelativistic mass PROJECTIONS, born from the fear of the evanescent. Your notion of God is a by you projected idea. The fear of the evil is only a mass projection, over here like with you (pl.). The PROJECTION of Satan is admitted by being/entity M. (within the framework of a case of spook).

PROJECTIONS that we send you are productions from the realm of the living (ones). The by us to you furnished PROJECTIONS are not conformable to our reality. They are, like the words that we communicate to you, adapted to your psyche. I repeatedly send you a PROJECTION of myself, but with your image of appearance. It has been in the quanta of non-space-time since January 17th, 1991. The specified time is not correct for you.

The human who becomes able to learn to live out of his inner I is in a position to project powers (in)to the exterior that then are clearly descried by others. Symbolically a pebble-stone may/can bring healing, it always depends on what forms you (sing.) project into the stone.

Cannot be sufficiently stressed the content of the second paragraph where the transbeings/-entities warn of the naive interpretation of the manifestations that do not correspond to their reality. It is like with the names when Bender declares he will send (a second time) a projection with our image of appearance. Presumably exist ‚over there’ all ever imaginable singular-subjective states, or worlds of consciousness, resp. possibilities of access to the carmic domain. The to us adapted, and frequently contradictory messages therefore are not ‚’false’. The mistake is made on our side if, or when such fragments are declared to be binding and are ‚put on the market’ as new dogmas.

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