Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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Your (pl.) NOTION proof is only a human form of conception. There is no obligation for PROOF, for everything has been proven. PROOFS are doubts about oneself. The search for it (proof) is like the attempt of wanting to catch your wind with the hand. Appliances merely allow a for you PROVABLE perception. Your science could PROVE our existence, it (however) does not wish to do so. In a few years time, your science will be able to PROVE our identity on for you cogent reasons. 

The question on the provability of transworlds and transcontacts here is given a tongue-lashing of unbeatable shortness. In my book „Instrumentelle Transkommunikation“ (Instrumental Transcommunication) ([15]), I indicated the fundamental problematic nature of the notion ‚proof’, and regard as abortive all attempts that want to prove the existence of a rather complex system with the limited, and limiting, methods of an - in relation – rather simple system. This criticism is particularly valid as well for the inconsiderate statements of TC researchers/experimenters who claim to dispose of ‚proofs’ for the continuance of life after death. The notions ‚indication’, ‚circumstantial evidence’, and ‚proof from experience’ are more suitable for defining the continuance of life after death, and the transcontacts, and they could steal a lot of the materialists’ thunder.

Febr 2007

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