Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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In the end, everything is PSYCHICAL. The primeval God’s mind/spirit creates souls and worlds in PSYCHIC, as well as in physical structures and forms. We feel the nearness of the almighty grace, it permeates all physical, as well as PSYCHICAL forms in the universe. Only the paranormal consciousness produces the PSYCHOLOGICAL. All the PSYCHICAL composes of open fields, therefore there is neither truth nor falsehood, neither light nor dark, etc. Also for us still many unexplored PSYCHIC levels are open.

Your (pl.) inner I, to a certain extent, exerts pressure on each of you. This pressure wishes (to get) into the physical world, in order to contribute in forming it. Your physical goings-on therefore are a kind of transformation whose origin is buried deep within your PSYCHE. Here we have to do with a great PSYCHOLOGICAL occurrence, whose process you normally do not sense consciously. Energy quanta that penetrate from the universe into the human’s PSYCHE are just a tiny fraction of the godly order in the All-that-exists. All the with you occurring illnesses/diseases originate in the human PSYCHE.

The contacts to other realities are built up through dream- and trance states, but first of all through both sides’ PSYCHIC structures. The mediumistic contacts with you are a PSYCHIC assimilation of the information fields, (they are a) PSYCHICAL coordination. An increased PSYCHIC vibration is required (for it from your side), so that the PSYCHIC frequencies on your side coincide with those on our side. (It is a matter of ) PSYCHIC adaptation of structures of different realities. The contact person connects (is connected) in all worlds by a PSYCHIC structure of (old) association/affection. Our forms of appearance, communications, and projections do not tally with our reality, they are – like the words that we communicate to you – as far as possible, adapted to the receiver’s PSYCHE in order not to confuse him. Here again, a directed PSYCHIC openness is necessary on both sides. Open the PSYCHIC limits, and your eyes will be able to see more. We ask/beg you to open the PSYCHIC limits wider, only then we (will) have the possibility to realize contacts via radio receiver, TV sets and computers.

Innumerable highly complex fundamental consciousness forms of the multiverse may/can, in case of approximation and overlapping of the other, lead to PSYCHIC disorder. Attempts (made) from our side to get in contact with other humans remained fruitless via devices, because (negative) PSYCHIC effects came up. We allowed that you (Adolf Homes) could go into for you (pl.) deep, secret PSYCHOLOGICAL levels. Through the by you (sing.) learnt PSYCHIC openness I am in a position to reach your consciousness directly. All my thoughts that you can hear in this moment, slumber in the PSYCHE of every one of you. Yet many processes will occur for you (pl.) before, in your present frame of time, a general contentedness will be ascertainable, physically as well as PSYCHICALLY. By its fruits you know a tree, not by the PSYCHOLOGICAL influence.

While officially the psyche is regarded as an emanation, or an unimportant accessory of the physique, and paranormal phenomena are contested, here the reversion is presented: The superordinate ‚paranormal’ consciousness is the keystone of the psychological consciousness. In a for us unconscious process of transformation the physique takes its rise from the psyche, in other words: the world is an open psychic structure, or a consciousness structure, that, as a general principle, renders everything possible.

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