Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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To many of your (pl.) QUESTIONS we cannot reply directly, because our logic is a different one. Continue to raise in your frequency, and all your QUESTIONS will be answered of themselves. Your QUESTIONS should not refer to single individuals, for this would be too fruitless. It is as if one would keep track of a drop in the ocean. (So), your QUESTIONS should neither refer to persons, nor should they be put with guaranteed future (with guarantee as to the future). Doc Mueller asks me to pass the QUESTIONS (answers !) through to you, because it is easier for me to contact you (Raudive). Here a few answers to your (sing.) QUESTIONS. I will be pleased to answer further QUESTIONS from my viewpoint, but also hope that you (sing. and pl.) will understand my thoughts. Contact duration too short (for answering QUESTIONS). Information is given even before (your (sing.+pl.)) QUESTIONS arrive. Your thoughts are known to us. 

The last sentence refers to the observation that questions had been answered via Adolf Homes’ computer before he had received them. Unfortunately, for several reasons the possibilities for dialogues in Rivenich were very limited, so that many questions were never put. In some cases the evasive, or confusing answers were moderately illuminative, and in others we have been waiting in vain.

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