Vol. IV, Sonderheft (special booklet) 1999

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There is only the reality of the consciousness and the soul, and the mind/spirit gives rise to the forms of the worlds. Your (pl.) physical reality is a certain delusion in respect of the total existence. All what you see is not REAL. Many of your REALITIES do not exist. Do not commit the error of regarding your REALITY as the only REAL (one). The later (future) learning process will become more difficult by this. The true REALITY is still strange/unknown to you. Your science is just at the outset of these things. Your REALITY forms are all just probable, and (but) not definite. All REALITIES, on principle, are formable, and your mind influences every to you known matter. The love for the multidimensional total existence may/can have very positive influence on your REALITY. Your thoughts, that are all stored in the karmic domain, are illusions as long as they are not transformed into REALITY. But even this by you produced REALITY finally is an illusion. Solely the immortal soul in the total existence of the super(ordinate) universe is in a position to bring genuine immortal REALITIES forth. These, and only these REALITIES give rise to, build, structure, and maintain the All-that-is into eternity.

Forms of being/existence that you (sing.) build up consciously are REAL and existing. They have validity also for other beings/entities. Your (pl.) conscience, or your senses, is to say things you cannot see, contribute in bringing these (polar) REALITIES about. If, in your (sing.) REALITY, you did not come to know the right, you will only know of the left. Those of you who believe in the negative, make it strong, and it is REALITY. Negative REALITY may/can be transmitted over many generations without that you will become conscious of it.

You are not in a position to perceive our consciousness stream because your entire attention is disfigured through your REALITY. REALITIES in the Beyond have their special camouflage structures. However, you may/can learn to see your REALITY transparent, and by this rise to our world and level. Through the (trans-)contacts you have the possibility to penetrate into our REALITY system. Be sure, as true as you are, as true are we, and many others who/that, in their turn, live in other REALITIES. In (acc. to) your sense I exist in a superREALITY system.

We all are connected with one another in a way that, in regard of your REALITY, is explainable with difficulty only. But the contacts to other REALITIES are built up, first of all, through psychic structures of both sides. With this I mean the multiple REALITY in regard of a coordination point. In these points also several REALITIES may/can meet without that you perceive it. In the coordination points various REALITIES melt into one another. Disturbances between your and our REALITY are difficult to overcome.

Every thought is REALITY. The surREALism exists, and the free development of consiousness is decisive. Your REALITY, that contains manipulation, is brought about by experiencing and myth. Your REALITY system is one of innumerable ones, but all pass off simultaneously. The respective system – how do you say – produces the corresponding REALITY. Fictions in connection with the clear mind of realization result in your REALITY. Everything devised with your mind may/can be REALITY in other worlds. It is quite possible that humans live in several REALITIES at a time, without being conscious of it. Many of you travel into other REALITIES, and adapt themselves to our consciousness streams. Not any being/entity changes the REALITY with the same consciousness. In the next REALITY he (a ‚mentally handicapped person’) will have an advantage over all of you. Humanity’s task is to treat all beings in a responsible manner. This knowledge enables a far greater REALITY of capabilities. Please grasp your own REALITY to its full extent, and be free.

With our physical ‚reality’ being declared to be a delusion and illusion, it is by no means a parapsychological, or religious ‚miracle’ that we (or other beings/entities) are able to change it mentally. Authentic reality lies in positive spiritual structures. For us the perception of these realities ‚in the Beyond’ is obstructed by our in other directions directed attention. With open hearts we are able to lift Maya’s veil.

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